I could it being the one-alliest one-all ever - goals in the 3rd and 87th minutes with zero attempts on goal between those points.

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Actually fuck it, I’ll have a dabble on Sheffield United.

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Liverpool please

Just 5 left


Are we allowed to change who we bet on, or is your first choice sacrosanct?

Forgot to update the sheet. Thanks for the honesty. You’re outtahere

Was hoping to Denmark my way into the finals

Let down by North London twice. My own fault really.

Predos in for 8pm tonight please. I’m on holiday so might be a bit of a delay sorting.

Once this is over, have a couple of weeks break then start from scratch?

  • Yes
  • Wait til january
  • Wait til next season

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I’ll take Everton this week, please

Man City pls

Agh forgot about this
( i would’ve said man city :innocent:)

Fucking proper galaxy brain shit, this

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