Premier League: Last Man Standing

Hi football fans, shall we do a fun game?

The Rules

  1. Just pick the winner of one Premier League match each week. If your selection wins you progress to the next week, lose or draw and you’re out.

  2. Once a selection is made, you will not have the ability to change it after the first match of that round has kicked off.

  3. You may not pick the same team to win more than once during the competition

  4. All selections must be received before kick-off of the first match of the week

  5. Should you forget to make your selection in any week, you will automatically be assigned the lowest placed team that you have not already selected.

  6. You can pick multiple films from the same director you dickheads

GAMEWEEK 1 - April 12th-15th

Friday 12 April

  • Leicester - Newcastle

Saturday 13 April

  • Spurs - Huddersfield

  • Brighton - Bournemouth

  • Burnley - Cardiff

  • Fulham - Everton

  • Southampton - Wolves

  • Man Utd - West Ham

Sunday 14 April

  • Crystal Palace - Man City

  • Liverpool - Chelsea

Monday 15 April

  • Watford - Arsenal

SO, in case it isn’t clear

If I picked Spurs and they won, I go through to next week and get to pick again. If they draw or lose, I’m eliminated.

The last man standing will win a special prize


Should have made a bigger deal of this really.

So pick Man City in week 1, and you can’t pick them again until the game is complete. OOF!!!1

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Spurs for me then?

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Leicester please

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Everton please

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Brighton please



Huddersfield please



Thanks juke



(Imagine if all 10 games are draws eh. We’d look like a right bunch of lemons!)


That would be very unlikely

But then again

Literally just realised the phrase ‘you win some, you lose some’ is NOT ACCURATE

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Spurs pls

Good game. Might be a bit late in the season for whittling down to a winner before the summer break, though.

Got one on the go at work. 80 entrants at a fiver each. Has rolled over twice (multiple KOs in the last round, so nobody left as a single person standing). So there’s about £1200 up for grabs. On this third round we’re into week 12 (so the pickings are getting pretty slim) and I’m one of seven entrants left standing. Squeaky bum time. Everton is my pick for this round IRL.

(Have found that there aren’t many knockouts for the first few weeks, when most people are picking to six teams and they’re seldom losing. Ban picking from the ‘big six’ and cut to the chase, is my stance.

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Yeah if we don’t get a winner before the end of the season we can continue next time, or do internationals or something

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