Premier league review and Europa league preview football thread

Player of the season
Signing of the season
Breakthrough player of the season
Match of the season
Team of the season (one player per club)
Manager of the season

Also: Generic chat and things you enjoyed

Manchester United are going to win aren’t they :frowning:

I don’t think we’ll win but I’m more confident now we’re not going in on a run of no-wins in the last five.

Player of the season - Kante
Signing of the season - Pogba
Breakthrough player of the season - Alonso
Match of the season - Chelsea/City
Team of the season (one player per club) -cba
Manager of the season - Poch

Player of the season - Kante
Signing of the season - Kante
Breakthrough player of the season - Josh Harrop
Match of the season - Swansea 5-4 Palace
Team of the season (one player per club): Heaton, Bertrand, Gibson, Koscielny, Valencia, Kante, Wijnaldum, King, Sigurdsson, Silva, Kane
Manager of the season: Pochettino

This is a PREMIER LEAGUE review Ant, please take that into account when selecting match of the season

Probably thinks something that wasn’t a goal is goal of the season, too.

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Ah, my apologies. Swansea Palace in that case.

Glendenning’s gone for Pickford as the full, actual Premier league player of the season. #headsgone

Wigs vs. Liverpool for me

Cunt of the season?

bit harsh mate, I’m just trying to set up a nice football thread here

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Just want to put a post down saying if UNITED! lost it would genuinely be the funniest thing to ever happen in the world, and would likely jump to the #1 funniest thing ever in those lists ahead of Del Boy falling through the bar.


I had no intense dislike of Terry, and felt he was always slightly mistreated by the hummus eating middle classes (racism aside).

This is such fucking bullshit though, what an idiot.

You know we replaced the most successful manager in British football history with David Moyes and then finished seventh right?

I’ll set 'em up, you knock 'em down

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Why the hell not!?

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Joey Barton must feel a bit like Cristiano Ronaldo. In any other era he’d have been comfortably the biggest cunt in football but he’s just not been able to get a look-in for these awards with big JT on the scene


Guess I see football players as football players, not as some bastion of morality that have to behave better than everyone else?

Cunt, yeah, but no bigger cunt than 90% of the country.