Premier League Team of the Season 20/21

what you saying

Man City, for me.



two Villa players doesn’t seem right but there you go

oh fuck it

mine’s the same as yours but replace Fofana with Stones, Tielemans for Saka, and Son for Gundogan

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Some odd shortlist inclusions and rejections in there. Very strange that sterling can be selected and not Kalvin Phillips

I thought the same thing. Kane, but not Joe Linton? :thinking:


one without the super league scum teams… (couldn’t be arsed faffing with the formation)

no biases here no sir

Son doing well considering he’s been running on fumes since Christmas

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There’s not much choice in the picker

Other than Kane up top, Shaw at LB & Martinez in nets no one else has really dominated in their role/position this season apart from Fernandes maybe

Even with such a runaway City success some players have been hit and miss and there’s been tons of rotation and some injuries. Dias clearly most consistent, Foden most promising

So… yeah can’t really scrape an 11 together that I’m that fussed about

Most of the non-City choices here are a case of eating crow tbh.

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felt weird including salah but he has still scored 20
grealish would’ve been POTY if he’d not missed 10 games

should probably be a chelsea player in there somewhere but life’s too short isn’t it

Non-evil version. Dunk, Dallas and Saint-Maximin should all have been choices, wtf is with all the Fulham selections in there.


Did you know that goalkeeper of the year Emi Martinez won the FA Cup with Arsenal last season?

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