Out tomorrow for law abiding citizens, unscrupulous characters may have had it for a while.

Properly great isn’t it? Step up from Viet Cong. The only bit I’d lose is the four minute ambient passage at the end of Memory. They’ve done so many of them over their albums it feels unnecessary here, especially as it follows that lovely second Cure-ish bit with the guy from Wolf Parade singing.

yeah getting excited for this, wasn’t sure about ‘Anxiety’ at first but it’s properly borrowed its way into my subconcious

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Huge fan of the first album, so can’t wait to hear this one.

it’s good, but I think those two minute-long tracks kill a bit of momentum.

much much prefer the Viet Cong record tbh. I really like Memory but the rest of it washes over me tbh

nothing hits the heights of Death, or March of Progress.

Pretty disappointingly mediocre, sadly. Memory just sounds like a long medley of three different songs, which would be more enjoyable if they could be listened to as individual tracks.

Tried my best to not listen to the other two released after Anxiety but folded yesterday. Can’t wait to hear the rest. It’ll have to be something special to top the first album.

wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s mediocre, but yeah Memory is basically just three track played as a medley instead of a single unified piece. Speaking of which, I like the tracks individually, but the transition from Monotony to Zodiac is really awkward, no?

Not listened to it yet but gotta say, the new band name is growing on me a bit more now.

Me too. Thought it was horrendous when they announced it… still think they could’ve come up with something better though

Perhaps they will continue the cycle and have a new band name for every album they release.

Would have a lot of time for that tbh. Something I’ve thought someone shouldve tried already but would definitely limit the ability to build a “brand”. Punk as fuck really maaaan

Anxiety stole its way into my consciousness too. Been on repeat all day, and when it’s not playing it is in my head.

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Just got the album on vinyl and the ambient section at the end of Memory is spread over the end of side 1 and the beginning of side 2 it’s really cool

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I really like it. Only listened once on the way in this morning but thought there was a lot of good stuff going on. Obviously not loving it as much as the last one but it’s only one listen, can see it growing on me even more.

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oh that’s awesome, I’d love to hear that

Mediocre relative to the debut, I mean. The Preoccupations album is a completely fine 7/10 album, but the debut was 9+

Much prefer it to the debut - of which only Contintental Shelf ever really worked for me. They seem to have totally embraced that dark version of Interpol sound for this one, which I guess will put off fans of the 1st.

Personally I whacked CS into a playlist with this album as track 2 and have made one of my LPs of the year…



ITT, loads of people being wrong about an album.

It’s better than the debut (as good as it is) by a country fucking mile.

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Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Perhaps because it’s more indebted to New Order et al, than noise rock superstars. Guess, it can be a little jarring or something.