Both albums are post punk with dancey elements. I don’t get the dis review where it gives the impression that the first album isn’t as dancey, when it clearly is…
Hate using the word dancey.


love the viet cong s/t, but this is just an incredible album too, grows on me with every listen. its weird to try and compare them, cause some individual songs, like anxiety, seem like they would slot straight into viet cong, but as a whole the album feels totally different. so psyched for the uk tour now.


dancey is my favourite work. especially applicable to dance-punk, my favourite genre OF ALL TIME.


Really like it. Not as much/the same as Viet Cong but still terrific, so so dark. The structure and sound of Memory reminds me of this:


Didn’t get a chance to listen to it until a few days ago but… I fucking love it. Don’t really get the DiS review about it sounding completely different to Viet Cong, it’s obviously not as much of a punch in the face as that was, it’s more subtle rhythmically but still sounds like the same band/vocalist just stretching/relaxing their muscles a bit. 9/10 for me, Clive.


First listen will be coming in my ears on the way to work tomorrow. Liked the first three tracks they put out from it and the VC album was brilliant, so I’m gonna like it a whole bunch, I reckon.

Got an Oval Space ticket. Good venue? Not been.


yeah it’s great, can imagine them being really suitable in there


anything as good as Women, here?


Aye. Watched Destroyer in there a couple of months back. Really good…£5 for a can of Red Stripe though! :frowning:


Sure it’s closer to Women than Viet Cong


Oh yeah forgot about that, lol


Yeah to me it feels very much like the Public Strain to Viet Cong’s Women, if that makes sense. More heavy on mood and atmosphere.


Been enjoying this but never listened to Viet Cong, will those songs still form part of the live set? As I’m hoping to get to the Brudenell gig on bonfire night as the supports are great too - Merchandise, Nap Eyes and Post War Glamour Girls.


ah neat. I look forward to hearing it.


That is some line up! They’ll still play songs off Viet Cong it’s considered Preoccupations first album now.


Cold Pumas supporting in Bristol, well happy with that.


Interesting the variety of opinions compared to VC. When I first listened to it I thought it was nowhere near as good as VC but, after a few listens, I can see it overtaking that LP. It’s a proper grower and far more catchy than the first listen suggests.


Thanking you.

Only managed two listens of the album yesterday, but first impressions were very good.


Off to see them in Manchester tonight, no idea what to expect really. Anyone catch them last night / seen them before?


Saw them in London a few months back. The new album sounded better live I thought. Enjoy!