still not clicked on the album but they were something else at the brudenell last night, really tight live set. Death is something else entirely


Going to the oval space tomorrow night. Cant wait!!


Aye it was a great gig


Really great gig last night. This was especially good, hadn’t heard it before


Aye it was a lot of fun - launching into Continental Shelf after taking a break to restring the bass was a highlight haha


Oval Space tonight, can’t wait to hear the new tunes.

Stormed through a few tunes on the Cold Pumas album. Not for me, Clive. Will be turning up at 9.


Yeah they recovered well!


Saw them at primavera '15, one of the best sets of the weekend (which is sayibg something cause that line-up was peng). Love the new album, too. So gutted i couldnt make it to any of these shows


Do you know if there’s a support act? Can’t find any information.


It’s Cold Pumas:


Ah right, hence the Cold Pumas mention before!



Do not miss Cold Pumas - they are excellent.


What did those that went to the Oval Space last night, think?

Great set and performance, but I thought the sound let them down a bit. I couldn’t hear the guitars or synths that clearly - then again maybe because I was at the back.

Really enjoyed it though - they got some tunes!


Very good show last night. I was right at the front on the left side and I thought the sound was excellent. Nice and loud, especially during Death. Really enjoyed Silhouettes and Monotony in particular.

Really don’t rate Oval Space as a gig venue. I never feel there’s any atmosphere. It feels almost like a marquee.


I quite like it. Saw Destroyer there in the summer.

I arrived 2 songs from the end of Cold Puma’s set.

I thought that I’d timed it just right, due to the lack of noise, but when I walked along the outdoor walkway bit, I saw that they were still playing. That soundproof glass is pretty impressive.


Saw them last night in Bristol.

I think Matt had a cold and was struggling a bit vocally but fuck me if they weren’t as tight as fuck and the drum sound was nailed to perfection.


Yeah, the vocals were a bit weak but a good show nonetheless. Drums were great, the rest of them couldn’t keep up with him on a couple of occasions.


Yeah, the vocal issues didn’t make it any less enjoyable (the vocals for Cold Pumas however…)


Saw them too and thought they were the most disappointing set of the whole weekend. Putting it down to shit sound though, would see them again in a heartbeat.


ah, fair enough. we we’re right at the front so sound was ok, but at the back of that stage there was a lot of bleed from other stages