Hearkens back to all of my favourite records. Enjoy the departure from their previous sound.


finally got round to this the other day, really like it. i thought Continental Shelf on the Viet Cong record was so great that it made the rest of the album sound really really forgettable as it couldn’t come close to matching it. they come a lot closer this time, it all sounds a bit more consistent and to a higher overall standard.


The three track punch of March of Progress, Bunker Buster and Continental Shelf is awesome.


err, and DEATH


i should probably give it a few more spins then, I was a bit late to it and haven’t listened to it that many times as a whole.

the only thing that annoys me about the new one is that the 4 minutes of noise at the end of Memory seems a bit unnecessarily long and starts to feel like they’re padding out the record a bit. very strong otherwise though.


DEATH is great, but there’s ‘Silhouettes’ in between it and Continental Shelf. :wink:


Oh well that’s only the best track on the whole damn album


you’ll be happy to know, they leave out the 4+ noisy minutes when they play Memory live.


Live is where it would make sense. On the album, it’s just a waste of time.


New track!


Is the new album called New Material? Not very good at coming up with album titles are they? (I quite like that though)





I’m pleased they stuck with one word song titles


I agree with everything in this sentence.


Well this is pretty good. Wasn’t keen on the last record but this is promising.


Was just thinking about how they might be due a new one. Excellent

Wasn’t so fussed about the Preoccupations one (still decent) but the Viet Cong LP is maybe my favourite rock LP of this decade. So great - and what a live band


Ah, really liking the sound of this. With their miserables post-punk sounds, they and Protomartyr are probably my favourite bands at the moment.

Still think these boys are lacking a truly cohesive album, but my best-of playlist of their two albums is one of my favourite things to listen to when I’m in a certain mood.


this is probably a mistake and will probably be fixed but right now the Canadian entry for the album on bandcamp is streaming the whole album in full


Some intern totally dropped the ball.