So agree with this. I always go back to Vietcong and it’s still exciting, but Preoccupations seemed a great deal less interesting and it’s swiftly been lost in my stacks of cds. Haven’t dug it out since I first gave it a spin I don’t think.


oh shit, nice one!


I listened to the Preoccupations on vinyl the other day for the first time in ages, it’s still very good, just a bit different from Viet Cong


got through the first 3 tracks but now it’s stopped…


oh well, giving it a go, let’s see what happens


whole thing has worked for me!


Ok I refreshed the page and it’s now back to just ‘Espionage’ but I did manage to get a full listen of the album in and it seemed cool, the last track especially.


favourite track?

This for me. So great


Continental Shelf by an absolute mile.


I’m gonna put the record on and let you know, it could be any of them on their day though


Actually it’s very obviously Silhouettes or Death


Death, for me. Incredible song.

Think I’ll be heading to Ramsgate Music Hall to see them again. They were immense before (as Viet Cong), I got up close and personal:


Oh, my! This is the kind of sound I love.



I’ve been listening to it on repeat since yesterday. Really really really digging this.


Total agreement. It’s so fucking explosive and frantic. One of the best closers I can think of.


the start of it is very Soft Moon. I instantly rate this track over 90% of the last album, which was far from terrible but was not the follow-up to Viet Cong that I’d hoped for.


didn’t realise the last album was thought of which such low regard around here, it’s really good!


Don’t get me wrong: I like it. It’s just that it’s a bit lacking in punch, and what they do with Memory on the one hand (jam together 2 songs plus some noise) and Forbidden on the other (cut the song off just when it’s starting) annoys me a bit. Anxiety, Zodiac, Monotony and especially Stimulation (especially!) are all great tracks, but the others don’t quite live up to their promise.

Basically, it’s a 7.5/10 (maybe 8) album, when Viet Cong was A++


ha, yeah. i wouldn’t mind the Forbidden thing on its own, but the fact that the length of the noise drone at the end of Memory suggests they’re trying to pad the album out a bit* does make my frustrated that they didn’t just make that Forbidden outro go somewhere instead. it does sound like it’s shaping up to be great when it fades out.

*(same with the drone at the start of Anxiety being a touch longer than it should be as well - also weird that they didn’t edit that down for the video either, i wonder how many newcomers gave up on it before the song actually started)

still think it’s a v good album though. doesn’t hit the same heights as the best songs on the first but is maybe a bit more consistent all round.


Sounds ace! Some parts really remind me of Depeche Mode.