Damn Norman Records did not hold back on their pre-order page which the band put a direct link to


Fucks sake, I applied for that job and THATS what they hired? Get fucked.


That’s pretty poor form from NR


yeah I quite like Norman and while their honesty can be refreshing, these guys feel like a bit of an odd target for such ire.


Didn’t love the last album, but to say it’s the worst thing they’ve ever heard is beyond hyperbole


I don’t mind the occasional sarky review, this Jamie XX one springs to mind for example:

But when they’ve clearly arranged to have them as a stockist in advance as part of the album announcement it’s a bit weird. Surely someone their who likes the band could have written it?


Bloody hate that Jamie xx review too tbqh: comes across as more of a checklist of the reviewer’s cultural and social prejudices than anything to do with the music.


the sentiment is bang on though. what a turd of a record that is


Norman Records can be quite funny. But it’s a bit weird that a music shop is that elitist and snarky

“Buy this from us - show how you’ve got terrible taste in music.”


New single! Fucking brilliant this. Kind of Talking Heads vibes at the start.


listened a couple times to the album now, IT’S VERY 80’s

I also only really considered once I had the whole thing that it’s actually called “New Material”

This fucking band man


Enjoying the singles but think I’ll get most out of them in album context.


Hmmm, I really really want to like this, but it’s not grabbing me at the moment. None of the new stuff is.


Thats a shame. I felt like that with the first single, but i much prefer this one. For me, they havn’t matched the s/t Viet Cong album yet though.


They set the bar high with that one.

I think the last album comes close though.


Preoccupations was the closest in quality yet to Public Strain. New singles haven’t set my world alight yet but I’m sure the album as a whole will be excellent.

  • Women
  • Preoccupations
  • Cindy Lee/ Androgynous Mind

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Posthumous Chris Reimer album


Its a close run thing between Preoccupations and Women - had a lot of time for Women live and both LPs but Viet Cong is a cut above and Preoccupations is a strong follow up despite what the Norman Records reviewer might have said


That Norman records reviewer had clearly had a bad week. Maybe their pretty stick insect had just died or something and they needed an opportunity to lash out against the cruel and godless universe.