Preparatory Thread for Poppy Debate 2016


Obviously this isn’t the thread for the debate itself, just a reminder that it’s coming up to that wonderful time of year and I think it’ll really help things along if we’ve all considered and prepared our positions beforehand.

Feel free to brainstorm and create rough drafts in here - no posts in this thread are to be considered the final opinions of anyone posting. Let’s make this the best ever annual poppy debate.


am I more likely to get a lot of bites by pretending to be staunchly pro-poppy or anti-poppy in the forthcoming debate?


Can we somehow link Movember AND poppy day this year? What a thread of confusion that would be <3


Which city’s council will be accused of banning poppy selling this year?


At secondary school I made a boy cry and go into a fit of rage after refusing to buy a poppy from him and explaining why. think we must have both been about 15.

didn’t speak to each other again until I bumped into him at the student union about 5 years later. turned out he went to the same uni as me.

pretty awkward.


Was it because you’re really tight?




Either will work I think, as long as you stick to the position 100% it should sufficiently rile a decent number of people.


of course it was. I gave him a different explanation, obviously.


My pretend position on the poppy debate should be

  • Anyone who wears a poppy actively endorses every negative act carried out by the British Army, making themselves accessories to the mass murder of innocent people
  • Anyone who does not wear a poppy is a traitor, and no better than the people leaving Britain to join ISIS

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can we have a both option depending on who you’re talking to and if in fact you’ve forgotten or not to wear a poppy?!


what about people who wear those white poppies who dont care about Our Boys On The Front Line


Is this the right thread for mentioning that the main guy on that SAS programme on channel 4 is a right, right cunt


get your bingo cards ready


You could go with the angle that they’re trying to make remembrance day all about themselves. That would be a strong position to take.


that sounds good yeah. its important to make it clear that everyone who decides to join the army is A Hero and not to be questioned at any time because We Cant Imagine What They Have Been Through


That’s just missing something about white poppies (which I have never seen in real life and assume don’t actually exist).


War - Bad.
Poppies - Good.
War poppies - somewhat problematic but if you want to support them that’s fine. But whether you do or you don’t, don’t have a go at people about their choice.


Going for the reasonable approach, eh? We’ll see how that works out in a week or so.


War - stupid
People - stupid
Love - nothing