Prepare to be furious: Academic claims that fry up, fish and chips and roast dinner are NOT BRITISH

Joking aside, I am actually a little bit furious that his argument seems to significantly rely on hash browns being American. Hash browns are not a traditional component of a fry up IMO.


Man works out that rainy fascist island isn’t the most fertile land on the planet


He’ll be saying pizza and vindaloo isn’t British next, that crazy Ha-Joon Chang


Deciding not to have any opinions about food or what other people think about food on the internet has made my online experience so much nicer. I’m sorry this isn’t the kind of frothing outrage you wanted in this thread, @eems.


that’s it! sick of so called “academics”, never eating them again


Not having that turkeys are Mexican tbh

They look like the least mexican thing ever

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Alright Matt Lucas.

Despite not eating full English, Christmas dinner or fish and chips, I am furious reading this. Next they’ll be telling me that the halloumi in my veggie breakfast isn’t fully red, white and blue! Woke gone mad…

Traditional constituents of a Full English…

  • Egg
  • Bacon
  • Beans
  • Sausage
  • Toast
  • Tomato
  • Black pudding
  • Mushroom
  • “Hash” “browns”
  • Other

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I thought I was angry before, but this post has really done it

Other for delicious, incredibly unhealthy fried bread.


three of the worst meals you can have in their respective classes

Tomatoes come from the Americas, so where does that leave other nation’s cuisines?

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what’s top of a Christmas Dinners’ class? I’m really enthused to learn about these classes

everything is Mexican, ultimately


In Asterix And The Great Crossing, when they wash up in North America the first thing they encounter are turkeys. I take most of my history from the Asterix books, so I’m assuming it’s legit…


except pepper. that comes from the east. and garlic is French (spits)

well I was thinking more like

breakfast (fry up): rather have cereal, a piece of fruit, couple of slices of toast
cooked dinner (roast) : rather have oven chips and a veggie sausages/burger than a roast
takeaway (fishnchip) : rather have a pizza or curry or chinese

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oh i see. I’m sure we could come up with a better suggestion than sausage and chips for the ultimate dinner tbh

maybe sausage chips and beans


in order though from best to worst of these it goes

  1. fish n chips - not too bad really just a little bland and you have to go out to get it
  2. roast dinner - not enjoyable and a lot of effort but you can get by if you have no gravy
  3. fry up - really not nice to taste that kind of flat hopeless grease especially first thing in the morning
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