Prescription Pain Killers (TW?)

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I, skinhead?



A chap I knew ended up with a severe reliance on prescription meds, Xanax being one of them. I’m fairly sure he was prescribed them for innocuous enough reasons initially but his overuse of them, combined with problems with alcohol dependency, resulted in some truly worrying behaviour. He’s getting the help he needs but it’s ruined his life and had hugely negative effects on other people’s lives too.

We ended up with a lot of left over diazepam which was used to treat my mother-in-laws alcohol withdrawal and anxiety. We took some over the course of a fortnight or so a few months after she died, when things were at their toughtest, thinking it would have a calming effect but was the complete opposite on most occasions.

Always worry when I wake up in the morning and my first thought is ‘could really go for a line’ and had a similar thing with diazepam. Flushed them all in the end.

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Morphine is absolutley delicious. Intravenous is best if you can get it, but oramorph will do.
I had a severe flare up of costocondritis a few years ago and had to get intravenous morphine. It made me realise it would be so easy to fake this flare up again (because it doesn’t show up on any kind of scan- it’s the kind of think that gets a diagnosis on symptoms when other causes have been ruled out). It would be a junkie’s dream to have ‘recurrent flare-ups’.

Pure rotten hangover though, which is why I think I’ll just stick to it when strictly needed for pain management.

maye it was codine then! I can’t remember exactly tbh

Not painkillers, but I had a thing when I first went onto Citolapram a few months back where I kept wanting to go back and take more of it - the thought entered my head about 5 times a day. Settled after not too long, but it was really disconcerting as I’ve never really felt that way about anything before.

They don’t calm me down either. Jingly jangly. Can’t believe some people take them to help with comedowns. Fuck that, that’s what irn bru and S&V crisps were made for ya plums.

I’ve been at the point before where I’ve tried a cold water extraction of codeine from 8/500 co codamol tablets. I guess it was good that I was awful at it, so eventually I just had to let the comedown from 30/500 co codamol happen naturally (not particularly fun).

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That is really bizarre

Not heard of people finding Anti Depressents moreish

All good!

Some of my mates take them for comedowns. FUCK THAT. I’ll slink off to bed thanks.

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Yeah very weird. Just assumed it’d calm us down from the off and when it didn’t happen we thought we’d carry on for a bit hoping that it would? Just compounded an already awful time all round really.

I know, right. Now I’m more likely to forget about them entirely and take it late, but for a few weeks I could have probably had the whole lot in one go if I’d had less willpower.

I got given WAY too much hospital strength codeine after my eye operation 2 years ago.

My housemate snaffled most of them up though for fun. I didn’t feel comfortable with this so got rid of the rest. Never really took too much of the codeine cause I didn’t really need it so was confused why they gave me so much. Also it gives me MAJOR constipation.

Major Constipation makes me think of an army of digestive ailments along with Admiral Haemorrhoids and Corporal Stomach Cramps

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I’m now imagining episodes of Dad’s army exactly the same, but with everyone having new names.

I have had quite a lot in my time due to injuries / issues. I really don’t like being ‘out of control’ at all and it brings on nausea for the most part so I am less inclined to get hooked on things like zapain and high strength codeine. I do still have a fir amount of tramadol knocking about but my alcohol use actually means I’m responsible when it comes to using it, but I prefer that to most of my other medications over time. Had a fair amount of morphine in my time too and can definitely see how that is addictive.

I have a lot of friends in the US that use xanax a lot, most of the time it’s not a problem but rather than ‘addicted’ I’d say some have become ‘reliant’ on it, and worse off it than perhaps they were before they had it prescribed.

I’ve had an undiagnosed health complaint of late and was woofing down a right load of tablets. Started just with Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, but then started on stronger 30mg Cocodamols or Zapain’s with Naproxen. Was probably taking up to a dozen of each a day and felt worse and worse. Admittedly these are mild by the standards of most prescribed stuff. I cut them out altogether and within a week the symptoms dropped by about…80%.

Very occasionally if abstaining from alcohol i’ll take a few Syndol or Paramol. Not too many, but i find they relax me quite a bit. They’re probably doing nothing at all, merely providing a placebo effect.

I can completely see how people become addicted, particularly to benzos and non-OTC painkillers. I’d consider them no better than most illegal drugs. It’s horrible being in pain, or not being able to clock off mentally.

I’ve wanted to ask people for their experiences of taking Valium or similar. Good or bad. Shoot…