Present your best ideas for my lunch

Bearing in mind I’m in central London with no access to an oven.

GOOOOOO. I will choose the best and document it. Oh, and £10 limit I ain’t made of cash.


Greggs vegan sausage roll(s)

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Burrito and a can of fernandes green punch

50 co-op doughnuts


Wasabi overpriced grease lunch:

Chicken yakisoba with a big ol katsu escalope on top
3x salmon nigiri

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Don’t go there. You’re in Central London, go to the Japan Centre on Panton St instead.

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A feast of your choosing from Greggs

burger king

If you want something sweet and rich go to Bagariet on Rose St (Covent Garden)

fuck the japan centre. fuck it right off.

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Lads I absolutely fucked it.

Made this thread and then someone said shall we go grab lunch and off I went and forgot about this thread’s existence.

I will use the ideas tomorrow :blush:


Oh and when i said central ldn i meant bank central.



Now you tell us!

The locals call it “The City” or “The Square Mile” FYI FWIW


What is central london?

M and ms world?

I think the technically correct and nerdy answer here is Charing Cross station.


Find your nearest Colombian (or geographically adjacent) cafe and get a monstrous set lunch for ~£9

Serious answer if you are in ‘bank central’:

  • soup or a rice box from Nusa Kitchen. Three branches within 5 mins walking distance (Adams Court, Cannon Street or Masons Avenue)
  • cheap and cheerful curry from the Post Office on London Wall
  • one of the foodstalls on the square at the base of the Gherkin. Slightly more expensive, but well within your £10 limit. I had an excellent kati roll recently.
  • slouvaki (or halloumi) wrap from the Greek foodstall on Queen Victoria St between Bow Lane and Waitling St
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