Ever had to give any presentations? You good at them?

One of my workmates gave a demo at work yesterday which was being recorded and this happened.

I asked him about it in private afterwards and he played totally dumb “Oh, I can’t believe that happened”.

Worst I’ve had is an innocuous Facebook Messenger chat popup appear from a friend of mine, but his nickname in Messenger was set to “Erotic Dancer”, but thankfully that one wasn’t being recorded.

You do many of them at work?

  • Giving presentations is a big part of my job
  • Giving presentations is an occasional part of my job
  • Giving presentations is a rare part of my job
  • I never give presentations
  • I do not have a job

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Depends what you mean by presentations. Rarely stand up in front of a bunch of over-wordy PowerPoint slides. Quite frequently spend a day doing advocacy stuff at hearings.

Don’t know what this means
Don’t care what this means


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I was in a presentation once about GDPR and the presenter’s reminder to buy Slayer tickets popped up on the screen, which was useful because I needed reminding to buy Slayer tickets.



Is that the one where it’s a good or bad thing?

Cut to chase!

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Think I’m below average at PowerPoint presentation style stuff, but better than a lot of my colleagues at least.

Think I’m quite good at the hearing stuff, but not amazing. I’m never going to be on the same level as the people who do it several times a week instead of once every couple of months.

Thought I’d hate that part of the job but it’s actually fine. If you’re prepared then you know the case, you know the law, and it’s then just a matter of thinking about how to set out your case in the most persuasive way you can think of. Fine.

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I “pushed myself out of my comfort zone” last year and gave my first ever presentations. I ended up doing quite a few of them and discovered that I’m actually pretty good at them. I am more nervous doing them in front of people I know than I am with strangers which was unexpected to me.


Oh yeah man absolutely. I’m the same. Same with interviewing internally with people you already work with. Same with playing a gig to friends/family who have come to see me


“Any questions? Yes, you Mr Scorpio?”
“A good point.”


Used to train a lot of companies at my last job, a few of us did it and if we forgot to sign out of Skype when we were presenting we’d get sent this by our annoying colleague


had that pop up at least twice whilst giving presentations


I have to give presentations to THE GENERAL PUBLIC several times a year. Sometimes to 100ish people. I actually quite like it.

I have a standard PowerPoint technique, which is to put in some absolutely rubbish, slightly jokey images and then point out how rubbish the images are. I wont lie to you, my success rate is not spectacular.


Took a real risk in my first ever presentation and did a gag where I was doing a presentation about CSR and the first slides were like “So what is CSR anyway?” with loads of stock images of confused business people and then the next slide it had a screenshot from Google where I’d Googled “What is CSR?” and then one of the results said “CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices” so the next slide just had “CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices” on it and then the next slide said “The End” and let me tell you, that gag fucking LANDED.


Hi Ant, what is CSR?

Please give us a short presentation about it

CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices

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Give them all the time. Don’t even bother practicing any more. Can wing through a presentation where someone else has done the slides without reading them before hand.
Demos are a mare though. Someone has always been fucking with the environment when I’ve frozen dev on it, so have to do loads of screenshots as a backup.

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