Ok now I understand


PowerPoint is the program Word can only dream of being.

This is maybe the hottest take I’ve ever seen on this website.


This is a very good PowerPoint-based joke.

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Cock suckling reflex

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An 80’s themed nightclub with a twist!

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Yeah, in my last job when i was travelling I’d end up presenting to loads of folk all the time about what we were doing, because it was a constant justification exercise to make sure that the information and the cost to the business was needed. Always to the higher ups, who were constantly baffled.

I like using Wordart a lot on peer presentations. Always gets a wry smile from the Word-97 crowd, and a “Man how’d you get those purple and teal words?” from the Word-2010+ crowd.

It’s fine presenting to adults. The biggest issue is in a few weeks I’m presenting to a bunch of P6 and P7s. Hahaha, what am I thinking.

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Give them occasionally now but used to give three or four a week in a previous job. Did so many courses on it and did so many presentations, often subtle variations on the same slide deck that it pretty much erased any fear of presenting.

One time we had an important doctor come to our head office to do some collaborative work. She hooked up her laptop to the projector and somehow managed to go straight into her emails which was full of emails about her ‘slendertone’ purchase (stomach muscle tightening device) which was a bit mortifying when she realised. Not as bad as the resignation one though :smiley:


You’ve posted this story on DiS previously (possibly actually on the day it occurred thinking about it).

Enjoyed it then. Enjoyed it now :+1:

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I do a lot of training so not presentations as such but I often have to show a group of people how to do or use something.

I had to prepare a powerpoint presentation during a second interview and oh lord looking back at it, it was well cringe. But i’d never had to do a presentation before and had no clue what to put!!
So I put like one of those victorian shadow drawings of a girl and I sliced it up and then when I clicked, the first bit came along and it was like ATTENTION TO DETAIL and then click and the next bit of victorian head came about and it was like TEAM PLAYER etc etc until I’d filled the screen with bullshit and a victorian shadow drawing.

I got the job though and I still fucking work here!


My number one tip for avoiding nervousness while presenting - or in any public speaking - is to remind yourself that life is absurd, nothing really matters, our jobs are mere preoccupations to distract us from systemic injustices that we are powerless to change, and we’re all just meat being shovelled into the grave anyway.

And remember to breathe.

Just the worst thing. Puts you at a disadvantage cos the other candidates get to do the usual bullshit and you don’t

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HATE the prospect of doing them. Will keep me up at night and distract me from everything else I’m meant to be doing. Once I’m in the flow I actually really enjoy it.

Use Keynote usually, and lean quite heavily on nice visuals as I feel it can make up my public speaking shortcomings. The ‘Fire’ transition is good for a cheap laugh.

had to do a presentation to our whole department immediately before christmas dinner at the end of the year, so like maybe 150 people? everyone was asking me if i was nervous about it beforehand but ive done loads of small training presentations and a couple of corporate induction things to about the same number of people, so it was ok. also i was doing it with my manager and he did the boring intro bit, so when i got the mic i thought id address the elephant in the room and immediately say listen, i know we’re all waiting to have our dinner, i know im ready for it so i wont keep you, i’ll just crack on. that seemed to lighten the mood a bit so when the director started heckling me for being the only person to mention brexit it was fine :smiley: someone afterwards said to me that they enjoyed how northern i was and i was just like, you have spoken to me before, i dont have a presenting voice its just my voice

Used to do them a lot, and have done tech conferences from time to time.

Have had several near misses, to the point where I now just close everything apart from Powerpoint down before I start.

People I used to work with whose job is pretty much giving presentations to the public used to go to ridiculous lengths to anticipate potential problems, like having a spare laptop with them, keeping presentations and demos on multiple USB sticks, paper copies etc.

Even though I am scrupulous about this, you have to be careful about the idiots you work with. I once sent a Slack message to my colleague about how our boss was “always an annoying micro-manager when he gets back from his holidays because he feels out of the loop” and of course he left it on his screen whilst sharing his desktop on a conference call with our boss. I had to go and apologise.

I’m atrocious at them and I used to think it’s something I’d get better with over time but it’s become apparent that I’ll always be this bad

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Going to have to share this again aren’t I?