Presents for babies


My niece turns 1 next week, want to get her something but have no idea.

I bought her a set of Roald Dahl books at Christmas for her parents to read to her at some point and obviously for her to read herself when she’s a little older, but I wanna get her something that she’ll be into now.

Comedy answers encouraged


Music for chameleons.


Something really noisy and irritating. It’s your duty as an uncle


Teething toys maybe? Like things they can safely chew on that help when they have painful teeth coming through? Am I thinking of dogs actually?


Tickets for that Avengers film

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my niece turned 1 last week, got her a Paddington toy - my mum got her a Paddington book so went well with that.

got her a Tiger Who Came To Tea book/toy set for Christmas, big fan of the tiger apparently :tiger2::tea:


One thing ours liked is the water pen things (aquadoodle)

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Go into a shop and buy any toy.

Seriously though, anything light up, noisy, spinny, annoying, buy that, it’ll be fine. If you want to buy books, my daughter loved the Acorn Wood series by Julia Donaldson at that age


Cannot agree with this more


Yep. This should do the job: age-appropriate, garish, and a hit with infants! Dance to the island beat!


Play food, wooden is a good sensible answer.

Duplo is a good investment that they can chuck now and build with later.

Little water pool also good.

Any big push or ride along thing is good

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Too many goods in that reply. Sorry


drum kit


I got my nephew that classic toy that’s like a stick on you put different size doughnuts on.

was a massive hit.


Babies like Quavers and Skips


the only baby i know likes olives and tea

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You never know what they’re gonna play with or completely ignore, so anything stimulating is probably the best you can do! Bath toys are always good too.

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My daughter is 11 months and goes wild for a lift the flap book. Enchanting on the first read, infuriating on the fifth consecutive one. There’s some good sets that come with blocks for them to chuck around too.