President Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?



it’s both super vague and really not at all critical of Trump.


Yet also a fantastic idea. Can YOU smell what he’s cooking?


Can you dive into the Thursday thread and cut out all the amusing chat from there and paste it into here?


I personally cannot


He looks like he eats a lot of lean meat and steamed vegetables


Between this and the resurgence of nu-metal, it feels a bit like the pop culture of my early teens is coming back to claim what it left behind.


I love the rock, I really do


Shows what the world has become when The Rock seems like a genuinely appealing presidential candidate.


So much great banter to be had from laying the sudden sound of breaking glass over any clip of President Rock speaking.

I’m in.


I can’t be arsed but YOU have the power.


have you seen the trailer for the Baywatch film he’s in?

He makes me want to watch it.


Hope so, he’s legitimately one of the world’s best people.


I’ve recently unfollowed him on instagram, I still like him but think we need some time apart


That looks much, much better than it deserves to be. His smile is literally incredible, it’s properly infectious.


this would be great, just hope his former ties to a radicalised black power group don’t count against him


Haha same!


So far the Dem hopefuls are The Rock & Mark Zuckerberg

Roll on 2020


Is the Rock a Democrat? As a wrestler and action film star I would assume his natural place is with the Republicans.


Depends what era we’re talking, he’s been The Corporate Champ and The People’s Champ at various stages of his career which gives him widespread appeal across the political spectrum.


Yeah, I dunno but if he’s opposing Trump then he’s going to have to throw himself in with the Dems isn’t he