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Fucking rad


clicked ‘like’ after about twenty seconds.


This is right up my street, bloody excellent stuff.


big big fan


Oh hello, yes please


I’ve just listened to this on repeat since I clicked.

They appear to have an album on Bandcamp that I can’t wait to check out, looks like it came out in March.


Aye quite good. Vocals are a bit as you’d expect but some really catchy hooks


Playing Glasgow and Manchester next year

Friday 25th January 2019 New Album Releases

There’s a few more UK dates up now. Got a ticket for the Bristol show, really looking forward to it - I’ve been caning the songs they’ve made available so far


Really loving this band, their album Late Teens which is the one on bandcamp came out last year in Australia but gets it’s UK release on 25 Jan


Yeah, I’ve got the album on pre-order. Can’t wait. Suburbia is an exceptional tune.

Got tickets for the Edinburgh show.

The two songs I’ve heard have taken punk to a different level. Really smart and more intricate than most bands.


Yeah this is great, going to listen to lots more and make it to Edinburgh if I can


Listen to the CD a few times over the weekend. Really good stuff with some cracking drumming!


Not sure if anyone is interested, but they have tour dates:

Just brought a ticket for the gig in Moseley, which turned out to be Free Entry! Also, just played the CD for the first time, so so good!


Yip, got tickets for Edinburgh.


Been ages since I’ve been able to see a good band in Moseley, excellent!


Yep. I got my ticket for their London show after one listen of the album. Brilliant album.


I’ve never been, should be fun! Looks like a very small bar/venue.


The Dark Horse is my local, really good pub and the venue room upstairs is pretty cool but I’ve never seen a band here so looking forward to it.


Sounds great, I shall see down the front! (Unless I’m loitering at the back, which is more then likely).