Press Club (ffo Japndroids etc)


Great - back in the country for the London date, which slightly makes up for my missing The Spielbergs on their upcoming tour. Really excited - love what I’ve heard of the album and looking forward to diving in proper.


I’ve watched this about 10 times in as many hours. The passion on display here is a joy to behold. Think I’m getting a bit of an obsession with these guys now


Really enjoying this on first listen. Tempted by the London gig, but not sure yet.


Definitely similar to Japandroids, enjoying this a lot.


Go! I think I’m going


I’m going to give it some more listens and see how I feel. I know, though, if i do go, I’ll drink and it’s May Day weekend, and we have friends visiting and I’m starting to sound as old as I am! Would be fun to meet up again though.


Oh gosh I love them


Just realised who they remind me of - be your own pet. Been bugging me for days


That was brilliant!!
Can’t wait to see them in Edinburgh, then Glasgow!


This is brilliant. They are incredible. Think you’re right about the passion thing. Think the energy of the video that was posted at the top for Headwreck is what made me fall in love with that song/them.

Can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a new(ish) band.


Been a good couple of weeks for scratching that Japandroids itch. The Spielbergs album is great, but I think Press Club wins.


This is absolute fire. That last minute or so…
GAWD. Live for this shit!


first time i’ve put forward a band that people have gone nuts over on dis. well pleased.


You should be, this is great!


Not usually one for lyrics (and these are quite teeny as the title of the album would suggest) but I’m mouthing these to fuck and making stupid shapes every time I hear them… “I’M DOING MY BEST TO LET GO” Deary me… love it


Love seeing the live footage and knowing that the upcoming gigs are going to be explosive.


Hopefully going to convince the tv to go to the Edinburgh gig. One of those bands that I could see myself just imploding to, rolling about the floor in a total state


Are you sure you want your TV seeing that???


She’s seen a lot worse


I keep finding myself listening to them.