Press Club (ffo Japndroids etc)


Cant stop


Just asked my tv for tickets to the Edinburgh for my birthday (I average one gig a year these days). Love these flamin chuzwazzas!




Going to the Edinburgh show. £6 and it’s in a bank holiday! Lovely.


Only just discovered this album. Fucking brilliant. Cheers DiS.


Cant quite believe that in the year 2019 my favourite band of the moment is a pop punk band from Australia. Who’d have thunk it


The Islington show sold out - anyone have a spare? I was Too Slow


Hi. I’ve a spare. It’s yours if you want it.


That would be so brilliant! Thank you


No problem. I’ve two tickets. The second one is “reserved” as yours. See you at the gig.


Good shout these, golden state is a tune


@plasticniki did you ever see this thread? might be your jam.


Got this notification today. Buzzing for Edinburger