Press Club (ffo Japndroids etc)


Cant stop


Just asked my tv for tickets to the Edinburgh for my birthday (I average one gig a year these days). Love these flamin chuzwazzas!




Going to the Edinburgh show. £6 and it’s in a bank holiday! Lovely.


Only just discovered this album. Fucking brilliant. Cheers DiS.


Cant quite believe that in the year 2019 my favourite band of the moment is a pop punk band from Australia. Who’d have thunk it


The Islington show sold out - anyone have a spare? I was Too Slow


Hi. I’ve a spare. It’s yours if you want it.

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That would be so brilliant! Thank you


No problem. I’ve two tickets. The second one is “reserved” as yours. See you at the gig.


Good shout these, golden state is a tune


@plasticniki did you ever see this thread? might be your jam.


Got this notification today. Buzzing for Edinburger

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Playing 7th may at the fighting cocks in Kingston. Very much the right venue for this sort of thing

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Glad to see these guys on the Reading bill. both because they’ll be fun and also because there’s very little else on that crock of new stuff i don’t care for.


I almost certainly will be able to send you both my Islington tickets. I’m planning a holiday during that week. I’ll let you know in a week or two.


Ah that is a shame that you’ll be double booked (but also THANK YOU!)


Over on FB they are teasing a new release for the 11th! Something called Get Better, no idea if it is a single, album, or what.


Can’t be a new album already surely? When did Late Teens come out originally?


Think it was March 2018 in Australia, so enough time for a new one to be ready. I reckon this is more likely to be a single to tie in with the tour though.

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