Presumptuous spam emails (office edition)

Last Thursday I got a spam email, addressed to me but acknowledging they don’t know me, asking if I’m the person who deals with their line of work or if not could I tell them who in my company does.
I’m not and I don’t know who does, not that I’d open them up to spam emails if I did. Immediate delete.

Today I get one from the same lady going ‘Nick, Did you get chance to look at this?’ as if she’s my manager seeing if I’d done some work yet. Felt it was a bit cheeky tbh. Not replied yet, what should I say back?

You lot must have more interesting tales or this kind of thing? Surely.

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Just reply with this image:

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This of course will be what actually happens.

Was temped just to send ‘Unsubscribe’.

I got a similar sort of email from someone whose wife wanted a place on a course I agreed to teach last year but now have no part in delivering.

The first email was very polite, as you’d expect, but it seemed like every time I tried to direct him to the people who actually enrol you onto courses or tell you if they’re running, he’d be back to me with questions about how she’d apply and whether she’d be able to start sooner.

I thought I’d managed to chase him until he popped back into my inbox a few weeks ago asking if there was a way his wife could get a letter confirming she was on the course so she could take it to an interview she had. I copied and pasted the first email I’d sent him with the phrases, “I am no longer involved in delivering this course,” and, “I would advise you to contact the Commercial team with further enquiries,” highlighted.

Currently counting down to Round Three when he asks if I can give his wife application and interview coaching.

Shit story; I feel your pain.

got an email from now tv telling me that my free movie pass was about to expire and if i didn’t cancel it they’d start charging me.

i don’t have now tv.

this is a really shit strory keith