Pret Macaroni Cheese with Short Rib Beef [a thread for things you've tried for the first time recently and enjoyed]

Do yourself a favour, friends. Get involved.

Nearly started a thread on things I’ve tried for the first time recently and enjoyed, Ant. So could I add my suggestion to your thread please?

not on pretbook
not on meatbook


Can only be a huge dissapointment.

Of course!

@plasticniki can you amend my thread title to state that this is a thread for things you’ve tried for the first time recently and enjoyed please

Cheers mate.

Tried the Spenos deli counter haggis and pork sausage roll on Tuesday. Fucking bang on


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That’s my lunch for tomorrow sorted then.

Top modding, thanks (I’ll remember this for tomorrow’s weekly review thread)


can’t imagine eating actual ribs from a carcass. behaviour of a maniac, imo

Oooh could be a Ribs thread here

vegan. (vegetarians are just as bad if not worse than meat eaters)

Are lamb ribs common there?

is anyone gonna call him out on this?

Not worth it mate, just acting the dickhead innit.

he’s a top dude, but yeah, this is pretty incendiary, to say the least!

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how is it incendiary? tbf I should have added the caveat that it depends on your reasons for not eating meat.

I just know loads of vegetarians who claim not to eat meat for ‘ethical reasons’ while still eating eggs/cheese/animal products and that’s just utter fucking nonsense from any viewpoint.

this is all very fair. no argument from me on this one, bro