Pretentious things you used to do

Had a trench coat and a duster!

I had a leather coat which I thought made me look really cool like Marwood from Withnail and I, but which actually made me look quite a lot like a Peter Buck impersonator


There was a leather trench coat in the cupboard when I was a kid, it was my dads but I’m not sure he ever wore it

Anyway as a teen I came perilously close to wearing it out, it was too big for me as well. Consequences would have been dire if I’d actually done it

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I’m still extremely pretentious, living in my own fantasy world with port sippers listening to shipping forecasts


If you did that, I’m guessing the one you should have learned is This Be The Verse.

Some of these posts are great, but apart from @hankscorpio I’m still waiting for more things as great as “Tymm”. :slight_smile:


I think I fall into this catagory as well! I think back to the stories I would come up with for imaginary films etc as a teenager and chuckle…but actually I still do the same. Happyish in in my fantasy world though. Have never changed my name spelling to Tymm, but now considering it.


Named my child after the shipping forecast :see_no_evil:


Little South Utsire, very cute name.


Actually, Fastnet is a pretty badass name for a child.


Especially if they were into fishing.

Bit needy in that case.

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Can’t think of anything specific, but pretty sure that my whole vibe from 18-22 was pretty pretentiously intellectual. Proper “have you seen the Japanese art-house film it’s based on?” shit.

Still perfectly happy to imbibe arty things now, but less keen for every person I meet to appreciate that doing so definitely makes me a very intellectual and high quality person.

Yeah i think i can still be pretentious in some ways but now I’m very ok with saying “i dont know who/what that is/means, i just like it”.

How is young Shippy doing these days?