Pretty abhorrent how much we/you/I spend on clothes innit

I was bored the other day and did a rough tot-up of how much I’d spent on the clobber I was sporting that day. it was around 250 quid. fuuuuck.

now, I’m not a guy who follows fashion, cares much about what he looks like…AND it is winter 1, so you have to layer up accordingly (I had 4 layers on) but nevertheless, I was pretty blown away by this. and a little gutted, tbh

I guess you could kit yourself head to toe in Primark shiz, but I reckon even then, you’d be looking at 100 notes for top-to-toe attire. (winter 1)

charity shops are an option, but yeah, you can pick up a few bits n bobs, but I’d hazard a guess that even the most frugal of chazza diggers probably only has a few items/accesories and couldn’t completely dress themselves in this manner

what do you think about the above sequence of words?

No, that’s not true. A lot of people manage this.

Obviously not underwear/socks etc tho.

that’s cool. I hit chazzas all the time. pick up the old dead mans trousers and stuff, but it seems like you’d almost have to spend half your life digging to fully kit yourself out. I dunno

Full agreement mate, it’s literal insanity the money that gets spent on clothes in the western world. Utter lunacy.


Buy less stuff than I used to, but spend about the same amount in total, definitely the better option

Still cheaper than it should be given all the child labour and whatnot. All brand mark up for profit innit.


horrible innit. my All Saint jeans (which I fucking love btw) could feed a family for xyz amount of time

what a cunt!

Last year I saw that a really expensive shop had a sale on, and found a cashmere jumper reduced by 80% because it had a hole on the shoulder seam. The knitting wasn’t even unravelled, it was literally a case that the shoulder just hadn’t been sewn together properly. When I took it to the till, the staff were all “are you sure you want this- you can probably get this fixed at a dry cleaner’s” and looked at me like I was crazy when I said “I can mend this in five minutes”, like they didn’t believe me.


Yep, loads of the more expensive shops use the same terrible factories as places like Primark too.

How much “should” clothes cost though?

Reckon my outfit today is c. £100, but I don’t think any item was particularly expensive, and my trainers and shirt were both bought in a sale.

I reckon I spend on average <£100 on clothes per annum.

Maybe up to about £150 if you include footwear.

I like this attitude to life. I can sew a button on, but that’s about it. would love to be able to darn socks and what have you

try to buy as much as possible 2nd hand but you can also get stuff cheap from high street shops, most of them have sales at any given time so anyone who buys stuff full price is a mug

Being able to sew is a massive help with charity shop stuff- you can make it fit you/know what things are easy to change to make it fit and which ones aren’t worth the time.

Clothes could be a lot cheaper and pay people fairly if the mark-up was at a more reasonable level.

Current outfit:
Shoes - £75
Trousers - £35
Shirt - £35
Jacket - £30
pants & socks - dunno, £4 between them maybe, TK Maxx multipack jobbies obvs

TOTAL - £179 worth of clothing!

sure, but even in the sales, you’d be looking at close to a 70/80 notes, I reckon. this is for fresh head to toe look, not topping up what you already have

shoes - £20 (they would fall apart in a week anyway)
socks - £1
pants - £3
t - £4
jumper/cardi - £15
slacks - £15
substantial coat - £25

WINTER 1 figures above.

It’s the disposability coupled with the cost that is the most insane part though. Seems absolutely normal to pay £50+ for a thing, wear it a couple of times and call that it these days. Complete nonsense.

Current outfit
Shoes - £15 (purchased 2 years ago)
Trousers - £15 (purchased 1 year ago)
Shirt - £15(?) Purchased approx. 10 years ago
Pants - in a multipack, prob about £5 (purchased THIS YEAR)
Socks - ditto. £3? (purchased THIS YEAR)
Total - £53

I look like shit btw