Pretty sure fruit pastilles arent as sweet as they used to be



they certainly have crap new packets. no foil and paper any more, just shit plasticky whatever.

the thing on the side as i write this has just told me this is similar to a corbyn thread so id better tag corbyn in the tags bit


I’m sorry but I don’t eat gelatine


i forgive you


One up from @Antpocalypsenow I suppose.


One of the most overrated sweets IMO


well they are now theyre not as sweet as they used to be, yeah


Does anyone rate them? Sure, people will eat them but you never hear anyone raving about them?

So fidel hey, who’d have thought it?


it’s political correctness gone mad


I prefer fruit gums.

  • a flan

Do people still do this on here?


haha, no you dont!





how do you do blank posts on here


you calling me a liar, andy?




should have said wine gums, then id believe you. but fruit gums? silly



always get stuck in my teeth innit?



Maynards would be out of business without Wine Gums. Discuss…


Actually, scrap that, it’s bullshit. They do Sour Patch Kids as well.