Pretzel Flipz

No longer need to spend £3 a packet as they’re finally being sold in the UK again natively!

After 10 years of demanding their return on these boards I’m glad that I can close another chapter in ma book.


They’re shite


no white choc ones

No u


Mentioned this in another thread this week - they’re not as delicious as the American ones

I had the dark chocolate ones and thought they were rad


I highly highly recommend M&S chocolate covered pretzels m10.

They are amazing! I always get some when I’m in an M&S :slight_smile:

But Flipz are the one chocolate I got super nostalgic about, the same way a lot of people did about Vice Versas

Yum yum.

They still doing the white ones?

Only saw the Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate ones in the non import bit of the supermarket, you can get the white fudge ones in the import secttion but at like 3 quid a packet as opposed to 1.50


Made my own a few weeks ago, just white choc on pretzels, they were great.

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Make some white fudge ones and sell them to @Epimer pls. They seem disappointed

YEEEESSSS! The milk choc are so good :smiley:

Flipz are for casuals

Cowboy bark for the ultras

(Will still munch flipz like a champ tho)


Anything Trader Joe’s tho :drooling_face:

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

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this was the best chocolate bar the world has known, sadly seems to no longer be stocked by my local sainsbury’s

Send me some pls