Preview images not showing


these seem to work at first but then later disappear to a broken link img?


Haven’t changed anything. One for @discourse


:thought_balloon: I’ve been summoned…:thought_balloon:

Hi! Taking a look at this now.

Edit: Interesting, the image appears for ~15 seconds then breaks. I’m going to bring this back to the developer who last worked on this to see what he thinks.


Any news? Still happening!


Apologies for not replying sooner. I brought this to the developer, it’s still being worked on. Seems that it is not a simple fix.

Short technical explanation:

The preview images in the Onebox were previously hosted by the site being oneboxed. So, for example, the image in theguardian oneboxes was actually on theguardian’s servers, not Discourse. This was a problem sometimes, however, because these images could be served over http, not https, causing a browser warning about mixed content. So we started to download the images and store them locally to prevent this. Some sites don’t like this happening, and have measures to block this. There’s internal discussion about what to do in this case.


I was just thinking “who’s that guy with the sensible avatar?”


Another update from the developer:

We’re aware of this annoying issue and are trying to properly identify it.

Unfortunately I am not able to consistently reproduce it, so I bumped the log level so that I can have more information when this happens.


Thanks for looking at this stuff. :slight_smile:


Circling back - this should be much improved now. Our engineers have made some changes to the image pulling code that should resolve the “disappearing images” problem.