Prickwatch 2018

The guy on his motorbike stopped at the traffic lights doing a really loud rev every time someone crossed the road and making them jump

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there is a special corner of hell reserved for twats on motor bikes who do stuff like this

see also weapon’s in “supercars” who accelerate hard in order to travel a few feet in a traffic jam


You should have crossed and just stood there. Waited for the lights to change then change again. Then kick him in his leathery balls and moonwalk off the crossing.


I want to change my vote to megaprick. I was too quick.

Also, why do motorbikes always have to be so loud? Why do I need to hear some prick on a motorbike speeding past my house at 3am? Why do they have to drown out my television when they go past in the evening? Is it really necessary? Surely modern technology is better than that? Do they just enjoy being noisy? I wondered if they think it makes them safer because people can hear them coming. If they want to be safer they should just stop riding like pricks.


“Motorbikes should be banned” is an opinion I hold earnestly.


I went to a monster truck rally / drag racing event at the weekend, and all the engines were far too loud.

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There’s a lad who lives on my road who gets his motorbike out at the same time every day, stops outside my house, connects his mobile phone to some sort of speakers that i assume are in the seat, blasts out some fucking tinny racket, then burns rubber around the surrounding streets for an hour or two.

Sorely tempted to dust down my old air rifle and hurt the fucker.


change it then!

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I shall now go to the thread about Things You Didn’t Realise…


This guy

Cracking sadface images there. Warning: local news site so autoplay ads and shit everywhere.

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Compo face for the ages here


Every line of this gets better and better.


It’s an expensive place, he says. Their menu offers three courses for £24.95.

But also, if he considers it an expensive place perhaps he should feel that an American football jersey isn’t acceptable attire.



Mate it’s a basketball jersey, football tops are much classier.

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I couldn’t say ‘stick it up you’re a***’ and go somewhere else, because I needed sugar urgently.

Boots and Superdrug etc sell glucose sweets especially for diabetics who need a quick bit of sugar. Clive has type 1 diabetes and carries them everywhere he goes. If Mr Football Jersey had a few more brain cells he would do the same.

Yes, it is. In my world anyway.

"I had to take in three different shirts because I would sweat so much.”

This is killing me.


“Mr Bruton’s arms bear tattoos of a… lion and the words ‘made in England’”