Prickwatch 2018

Would be a different story if it said ‘Bring on the Italians!’


Not fussed about his tattoos, but bleating to a local paper to try and get some free shit because you’re a tightwad is solid gold megaprickery for me.

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I’m not well off but an expensive restaurant meal is more than £40 each rather than £40 for both with a voucher for 10% off. Am I wrong? Maybe this is a question for a separate thread…

It’s relative, could be expensive for these people. I very much enjoy his Costanza-esque climbdown from romantic treat to cashback ruse in the space of two sentences.


I’m loving how fast the Bristol post responded to, reported on and published this hot hot story

“The dad-of-two went to Miller and Carter with his fiancée Lucy at 2pm yesterday, August 19.”

Even by the standards expected of a Trinity Mirror run local paper the Post is an unspeakable shower of shit.

“he was not wearing a dress despite the fact that, if he wanted to, he probably could have done, it is 2018”

Not in the West Country, m8.

Gloucestershire is not in the Westcountry.

Do you reckon he said Native American or that got edited? Not something I would imagine someone with a ‘Made in Britain’ tattoo would say.

Yeah right. You’ll be trying to tell me that Surbiton isn’t in London next.

This thread reminded me to check the local news



A story a little further down the page reveals the reason for their apathy


M&S is finished in the town after this betrayal. CANCELLED, to borrow Limmy’s schtick

t-shirt and shorts = casual
clean t-shirt and shorts = smart casual

can’t argue with that logic tbf

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