Primal Scream - 'The Original Memphis Recordings'


Original recordings and mixes from ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’ coming out in October along with a BBC Documentary. So, this is the perfect time to talk about ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’…do you like it or think it is pish?


I’m not really a fan of that record, their best stuff is on Vanishing Point, XTRMNTR (Their best record) and Evil Heat. When they ape the Rolling Stones it’s just not for me. Will still give that version of the record a listen and watch the doc as I do like Bobby Gillespie but otherwise not too fussed.




Kind of surprised this is considered worth releasing given the source album is generally critically panned but then again I guess festival appearances mean they have a lot of casual fans who like Rocks and the other Stones-y singalong stuff.

Wasn’t this the period when they were in full out drug oblivion mode? So I guess the doc could be interesting.


I think it’s aged pretty well. It’s clearly not touching their best albums, and Rocks is overplayed, but some of the ballads are good - Cry Myself Blind and Big Jet Plane come to mind. I always liked Throb (RIP) and this seems to be the album that has his DNA all over it.

At a time when the rest of British indie music was rejecting American influences on a grand scale, it was probably a bit out of step with the times on its release.


It is definitely better than their other Stones-y album, ‘Riot City Blues’. It has some good stuff on it…‘Big Jet Plane’, ‘Call On Me’, ‘Sad & Blue’. You are right about Throb…i think he was in his element when they were making & touring this album. Apparently, they were a mess at the time. I’m sure i read that Creation spent £400,000 on the recording of the album, which was a fortune at the time.