Primary Schools Application Process Question

The tick box about exceptional social/medical circumstances… that’s nothing to do with the form signed by the priest to say you attend church, right? Because in the description is says exceptional circumstances might be ‘religious’ and I can’t work out if that’s the bit you tick to say you want to be considered for one of the ‘Foundation Places’ reserved for ‘practicing Catholics’…

Does anyone know?

they grow up so fast !

ikr… it’s relentless

I don’t see what harm it can do for you to mention it there! If it’s irrelevant they’ll just ignore it surely.

I cannot BELIEVE Mini-casseroles is off to big school :open_mouth:

Yeah I think you should mention it. If you’re a Catholic and you’re looking to get your child into a Catholic school, and it’s not information that’s asked for elsewhere in the form, then mention it.