Primavera 2017

The Primavera thread is always incredibly popular. So much so we could probably have a Primavera sub-forum!

Has anyone been announced yet for next year? Who’s going?

No-one announced yet, tickets are on sale though.

I am definitely there. 2016 was the best festival I’ve ever been too. Hopefully picking my ticket up in the next month.

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Have my early bird booked. Last year was also the best festival I’ve been to.

Shall we start ridiculous speculation for headliners? I would be happy with any of:

Yer man Bonny Bear
Frank Ocean
The Cure
Kanye or Drake

And lots more that I can’t think of ATM

Would love Kanye to turn up. Don’t think his new stage set up would work at the festival though.

The Flaming Lips and Wilco will probably play off the back of new albums from both bands.

Wilco would be good, if for no other reason than it would get me to finally listen to their full discography (only have Yankee)

Every year I say to myself “this is the year that they get one of the premiere rap headliners,” but it never happens. Is it Noel Gallagher’s Glasto and will just remain rock headliners forever? Festival gets a number of really good rap artists but none of them seem to be placed anywhere high up the schedule

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I’ve no idea why hip-hop doesn’t feature more at it. Was sure they’d have Kendrick topping the bill this hear but no dice. Kept saying I’d love to hear more rap at it.

I’ve heard that Shellac might be playing.

Got my VIP early bird as usual. Flights are stupidly expensive though - gonna have to pounce on the Ryanair ones once they get released later this year.


Had said this year that I wouldn’t go back next year. Love the festival but should really try something different. Might give Porto a shot depending on the lineup.

Having said that, if the lineup is too good to be true then I guess Barcelona will probably happen again. Would love to see them book Chromatics.

Looking for a second fest for next year to go along with EotR, which I might punt for Prima this year. Should be finishing my PhD around that time so can take a much deserved holiday as well (double bonus).

Hard to see how they can begin to beat this year’s lineup though. Not a clue about headliners, but would be happy to see Nick Cave or American Football make an appearance

Reasonable shouts would seem to be Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Wilco, Nick Cave, The National (although that’s starting to look a bit similar to the 2014 line up). Perhaps we will get a Kayne or a Frank Ocean. Doesn’t Bjork still owe them a show after cancelling a few years ago?

Will The Cure still be on their world tour next summer? Have Depeche Mode ever played? - they’re still pretty massive in mainland Europe.

Is there anyone left to reform who might realistically get back together?

There are some ryanair summer 2017 flights on sale already.

Summer ones are on sale but not Spring weirdly.

Got a Porto early bird - my good friends are getting married there 2 days before the festival and are basically treating Primavera as their reception. Should be ace.

Given the increase in ticket costs again, I imagine they will go all out with the bill. I also assume they’ll probably want to fill it again, which means they’ll need a headliner with similar drawing power.

I’m guessing Daft Punk’s Alive 2017 tour will stop off there but wonder about the crowd it’ll draw in. Already a few more lager lads swinging their shirts in the air last year.

Won’t be able to go again due to the time it’s on.


Go to Porto instead?

Kendrick played in 2014, as a headliner, I think.

I knew I’d get called on that! Was at Porto that year and couldn’t remember if he headlined Barça or not.

Kendrick Lamar didn’t headline Barcelona. He was 2nd from the top before None Inch Nails. I know because I had to watch from the other end of the area to get a front row slot :frowning:

None Inch Nails?! Thanks a lot autocorrect/idiot fingers. Anyone wanting to start a tribute act feel free to take the name…