Primavera 2017

Think it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll get Bon Iver for one of the days.

There’s some rumours that the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup, including D’arcy, is doing Coachella (and the rest of the festival circuit) next year which would be perfect.

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I can see Ryanair flights from Stansted but they’re dead expensive (~£200 return). HALP.

Use Skyscanner. I can see that you can book the return journey under £80.

Easyjet’s flights have gone on sale today, FYI

Ace, thanks!

exactly! fuck the lineup, the main raison d’etre of PV is that it ensures a yearly shellac gig in a reasonably accessible location with good (off-site) pizza :slight_smile:

Sweet, even though it spans month end, my manager has let me take the time off!

The Primavera Sound Twitter account has tweeted three different dates so far today.


Presumably it is something to do with when the line up will be announced, but all a bit strange.

it is strange when their website is still showing this

  • 175€ from 12:01 pm on 22nd June until 7th January 2017
  • 195€ from 8th January 2017 until line up is announced
  • 215€ from line-up announcement and until festival

Something is happening in 13 hours apparently. Maybe they are announcing one headliner like they did with Blur, Arcade Fire and The Strokes?

Feel like as Frank Ocean has just broke the silence about a tour and announced Love Box, there’s a fair chance of it being him

Yer man Gabi Ruiz is tweeting a loaf of dates in January, some of which are being retweeted as official press releases by the PS twitter feed. Could just be dates they’re going to announce stuff, but most of them fall on album release dates, notably for the XX and Flaming Lips

This is of course a wild stab in the dark borne of the desperate frenzy that Primavera whips me up into. Guess I’ll just have to wait like everyone else

Reckon it’ll be Ol’ Tory Kate Bush

Arcade Fire, XX, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Aphex Twin, Grace Jones. Lots of others.

Good but not amazing perhaps? The people who were predicting Daft Punk, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins (original line up) etc might be disappointed.

Now with link!

nice to see a bit of Converge and Slayer in there


Not a masssssive amount I’d wanna see. Also Arcade Fire? Are they releasing something?

How long after does the Porto lineup typically release?
Booked up the other week as part of a larger Portugal adventure.

well, usually early Feb but then the Barca one is normally not until January, so it could be any time from a few weeks to mid February