Primavera 2018

as @lastdino pointed out in the 2017 thread, it’s high time we get over this year’s festival and start wishing away the next 11 months. tickets are out on Tuesday for the Barcelona instalment:

I think I’ll try for earlybirds then although may have to get rid of them depending on how broke I am after my honeymoon.

any predictions for next year?

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Fleet Foxes a shoo in surely?

Hoping there’s a new Deerhunter album out by then and they put in an appearance.



St Vincent is a strong possibility.

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Apparently Gabi confirmed in a forum somewhere that The National are playing. No Spanish dates on their upcoming tour if that means something.


I say I’m going to go next year every year but I’m actually going to go next year.

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THinking of going…2009 and 2015 were two of my best ever festival experiences…slightly concerned about the comments about volume on main stages and crowd though I’d noticed the start of a definite shift from 2009 to 2015… yet still routinely has the best line up going…
My question is, seeing as life circumstances mean I don;t get to festivals as much as I used to:
Is it possible/easy enough to sell on one’s ticket if circumstances or an ill-fitting line-up (I wasn’t overly enamoured by this year’s) means I can’t go or choose to go elsewhere.
In other words its not like Glasto with ID and that now?

…oh yes…and I’m not a fan of the VIP segregation and unlikely to buy a VIP ticket due to the extra cost but interested to know if anyone has experienced it and suggests its worth the extra cash…can’t imagine it can be?!

Used to be worth it isn’t anymore really.

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Thank you Roughyed!

They had an official resale partner this year and last year. You will have no trouble selling on an early bird ticket. They only made them available once all three day tickets sold out. Vip is not worth paying extra for as they really oversold it this year and not all of them got into the vip areas in front of the stage at some shows including bon iver leading to a lot of angry vip fans. I notice that next years info does state that access is subject to capacity.

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Thanks a lot thedestroyer…thats really useful …

I am certain Primavera will be able to maintain its character. I am so sure that i am going in 2018 after a year off this year. No Glastonbury means i will be able to afford it.

Booked! :grin:

RedTKT’s servers seem to be having a wobble. :confused:

The page was a bit slow but the whole process only took about 2 minutes. €155 for early birds. I miss the €99 ones!!

Keep getting an error message at payment

They’re aware of it and they’re working on it apparently.