Primavera 2018


Broken again for me


Yeah, still not loading for me


Ticketmaster is more expensive with fees, right?


Yes, at least six euros more


Yeah, just went with ticketmaster in the end


I think it just went through on redtkt


Do they send confirmation emails?


They do, but it could take a little while.


Nope still not worked. This is quite the saga


Finally confirmed at the third attempt of payment


Anyone have tips for a hotel to stay in near the forum that you can get at an affordable price if you book this far in advance (or as soon as available)? I’ve always left the accommodation late and ended up further away from the site than I’d ideally like to save money. If you want to keep your spot a secret you can PM me.


If you’re going with a group I’d say Air BnB is the way forward. We stayed in a flat in the Villa Olimpica area this year. Quick tram to the festival, fifteen minutes to the beach, fifteen minutes to the gothic quarter where we’d have great food and drink, sights an easy journey on bus or tram.


Yeah will look into airbnb’s for sure, have done them in the past, but have normally booked too late to get the pick of them. After 7 years of faffing about at 6am getting home (or long walks on an empty tank), my dream is to find somewhere in walking distance of the forum (<20 minutes). Likely to cost an arm and a leg though.


Good luck with that.




I managed to book a great place about 10 minutes walk from the festival last year, wasn’t too much either (cheaper than the place I had in the city this year), was secure and even had access to a pool. The only downside was the area was proper dodgy and my friend got his phone nicked when he went to the shop one day.

Can send over the link if you want, seems to be available for next year.


Yes please mate, will take a look into it. But thanks for the warning about the area.


Here you go

Think it’s available anyway, not 100% sure as it is a pretty empty listing.


Not any more sadly. Since more people from overseas go to the festival now, prices are insane in the forum/poblenou/Glories areas. You could try watching out for when the hotel Best Price Diagonal puts their rooms on sale and you might get the 3 main festival days for €99 per day with the Weds and Sunday a bit cheaper.

I’ve given up on staying nearby and I stayed near the Sala Apolo this year which worked well for Weds, Sun plus the days I wanted to check out the afternoon bands at the CCCB. Staying near Plaza Cataluña is another good option because the festival shuttle bus is good and I didn’t have to queue for long at all this year.

You could keep looking at Hotwire and take a chance if you see a hotel in poblenou for a good price.


Cheers for the advice mate!