Primavera 2018


Hopefully some of these acts will do an afternoon gig too to save schlepping over.


I have now got a spare early ticket for sale if anyone is interested in buying?


I don’t mind the distance, but the queuing took ages at certain times


Dance stages looking properly tasty this year.

Presumably the Bacardi live stage will be bigger than last year, but I’m not exactly sure how. Last time John Hopkins played, he had dancers and a light show, and is presumably a bigger deal now. The stage barely had room for a set of decks last year.


For the main gigs, Primavera is skilled at putting bands at stages that suit the interest in them so I would have thought Bacardi must be a bigger space somehow (though agree, not quite sure how) or he will on at the same time as a lot of big names or he is playing two sets.

Maybe option 2 then…


Primavera Pro names announced today. Any of these guys any good?


Aye, by and large I trust them to get it right. Other than the main stages, you rarely see a stage overcrowded.


Paddy Hanna is fucking great. Indie/art rock from Ireland. Paddy is a really engaging frontman and his band (if there is one) will be seriously good.


Any news on those Spiritualized tickets?


I don’t think Spiritualized will be ticketed - you will just need a full festival ticket (so, your wristband). Normally the gigs on Wednesdays at the forum are open to anyone, so it’s slightly different this year.


When’s this going to sell out? I need to safe marketplace my early birds.


Ahhhhh, is that what they meant? I thought they meant it had seperate tickets like Sufjan some years back


mbv added to Bilbao today.

Goddamnit, had thought they were nailed on to play unexpectedprimavera


Is there any confirmation that unexpected primavera is happening again?


Think I read it somewhere but can’t find the source. You’d have thought so?


Expected primavera


Yeah I guess the big ‘?’ at the end of the trailer suggested it, but can we have nothing too good on the Thursday please? Already having anxiety over clashes that day.


Hopefully some of the Thursday bands will also do afternoon gigs on the Friday or the Saturday to ease clashmageddon.


I’m not sure it will. Maybe in the last few few days. I’m going but I had a spare early bird. I’d rather use the marketplace but as it’s not an option, at the moment at least, I’ve sold it at cost price via a second hand website.


The originally planned Jóhann Jóhannsson concert will go ahead in tribute to him