Primavera 2018


Didn’t get to go to my first one until 2013 (Porto) so wouldn’t know (but will trust your judgement!). Can honestly say that no year has been anything less than stellar, but 2016 was the creme de la creme for me


Whilst we’re getting nostalgic about previous years, would love it if they returned to putting on the gigs at Poble Espanyol. That Comet Gain, Echo and the Bunnyman, Caribou night was excellent and a stunning setting.


Yes please.

Really miss Poble Espanyol but most of all the old ATP stage which had an intimate atmosphere and a stunning backdrop.


That was so good, but the festival has long outgrown it. Even then, far too many people didn’t make it into the venue for them to consider doing it again.

Was my first Primavera, and after that Wednesday and my first gig on Thursday (Sufjan at the Auditori, my favourite gig of all time) I was completely in love with the festival. Oh and the ATP stage by the steps was such a great setting too.

Always impressed with how well they’ve kept with the times and with its growing popularity, but it’ll never be quite the same.


Agree in every way. And yes, that Sufjan gig was definitely in my top 3 ever.


Secret Stage tease here -

My only guess is the penultimate gap might be Preoccupations since they’re starting the European leg of their tour in London on June 5th, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch for them to fly over a few days earlier for Primavera


Looking promising for Belly who would be fantastic.


Belly would indeed be great but it would be a but unfair putting them in the Hidden as lots of fans wouldn’t get in. Better as an “unexpected” show I think … or am I overestimating their popularity? People on Spanish forum suggesting B is for Belako.


Anna Calvi has just announced 3 shows in June, but maybe a bit early? Also, June of 44 are doing some shows around Primavera.


Arcade Fire, Bjork, Jimmy Nail, Los Campesinos!, Rag and Bone Man, Xzibit


Lush played the same spot which makes me think possible.
I agree Belako a little more likely.


I’m pretty sure Yaeji is one of them, her tour dates match up.


No, it’s Yves Tumor who has already self-confirmed.


Yeah that makes more sense, a few other potential names from APE are maybe Bo Ningen, Psychedelic Furs or Shame.


Some brilliant names you’ve come up with there. Would love any of them.


What’s APE out of interest ?


All Points East in London -


A = Amen Dunes, I reckon. Playing Porto.


A = ATP DJ Barry ‘Embezzlement’ Hogan


Nah. A = Abba hologram set. A shoo-in now.