Primavera 2018


IN again :muscle:


FWIW I stayed here for last year’s festival. Pre-brexit exchange rate worked out at about £700 for four nights. Looked again for this year and it was in excess of £1000.


Trivago is the best site for hotels in my opinion. It searches all the Online Agencies plus the hotel’s own sites.
It has some great filters too.
I’ve already booked my hotel room at a cancellable rate. Agree that there is nothing in the area although my hotel is in Poblenou 40 mins walk so just about doable if there are issues getting on the bus etc. Not the cheapest rate but a twin room so splitting the cost unless my mate bails!
There is a travelodge in Poblenou whose rooms should go on sale on those dates soon so you could keep an eye on that.
Otherwise I’d do a Trivago search setting filters to within 1 mile of the Plaza Catalunya which is where the shuttle bus goes (or used to go when i last went).

Another tip for those who travel a lot - if you use Hotels.Com (which is competitive) and book 10 nights you get a free night equating to the average rate between the 10 bookings.


Another thing to note re getting back afterwards is that if there’s a few of you then the taxi costs are fine - you may wait a while but there are a SHITLOAD of cabs all night so it’s not awful.


Early bird bought, 5th year in a row. Still as close as you can get to a guaranteed great line-up


Porto early birds on sale for 12 hours only.

85 euros.


When did flights start going on sale last year?


BA is on sale already. Budget airlines should be sometime in the next month. Not sure about Vueling and Iberia.


booked my flights with vueling


Admittedly I walk fast at 5am when tired and wanting bed but it never takes me 40 mins to walk back to Poblenou.
More like 20-25.

Poblenou is also a gem of a place. Wouldn’t stay anywhere else.


I agree…love Poblenou…the parks, beach…more laid back etc


Yes, we go for Poblenou as well. Its a great spot with the tram being very handy for getting home now that it runs 24/7 during the festival. Walking home isn’t too bad either as streets are very safe im that part of the city. I envy those who can afford the ac hotel and the hilton and princess. Its a long way from my budget


These dates might suggest an appearance at Primavera Sound.


It would be a safe bet that most of these acts will also be at Primavera. Gabi has pretty much confirmed The National will be there…


Interesting that Deerhunter are (still?) touring then!

Wonder when they’ll announce the line up, not sure I liked this year’s being so early (although it helped get my pals to book everything I guess).


EasyJet have released their summer schedule. Prices are a bit eye watering.


Yeah BA is cheaper for me atm which doesn’t feel right.


Tickets on sale?


had they been off sale?


Don’t know! Just saw that pop up on FB there.