Primavera 2018


2011: 13 de mayo
2012: 10 de mayo
2013: los fueron desvelando entre el 25 y el 29 de abril
2014: 29 de abril
2015: 6 de mayo
2016: 13 de mayo
2017: 5 de mayo

Nicked from a post on the official site’s forum. So, end of next week at the latest for stage times ?


Aye, next week would make sense. Got a feeling it’s going to be extra tough this year, feel like there is less that is absolutely unmissable for me but maybe more acts that that fall in the ‘would really like to see’ category.

Can’t believe it’s only a month away!


Feel exactly the same way.

There’s a rumour that Ezra Furman might cancel incidentally.


Fucking HYPED here.


Where the hell are the Hidden Stage names? Bit twattish to leave us waiting almost a week.


Really? Why?


Pretty obvious, no? Tease us with gaps in the names, invite us to guess, then wait not a day or two but almost a week to tell us what those gaps are (when they obviously have the names ready to post).

Anyway, it’s now confirmed that we will have the full timetable next week.


Definitely a bit nervous about the timetable, could cause some disagreements with me and my pals!

The hidden stage names came after the timetable last year, but I can’t remember if that is the same as previous years.


Hidden stage: 7 years at the festival, never been.



You’re not missing much. It’s mostly bands playing short sets in an indoor setting, for which you have to queue previously and which clash with other great stuff. On the other hand it is undeniably intimate.


The clashes have always put me off tbh. That and there’s never been a band I’ve been desperate to see there


Sorry - I meant why the rumour that Ezra might drop out?


Ah total apologies. He’s just cancelled his London date.


Ah I see!


‘family reasons’


This year’s Frank Ocean?


Has anyone got any experience of selling their tickets? I can’t go to Porto anymore and wondered what the best options are for punting my tickets


Ticketswap is a good option. I sold a spare for this years Prima through them


The clashes are going to be brutal, especially on the Saturday.

If my friend doesn’t want to go with me to a particular gig, we’ll generally separate and then meet up again later.


Ah great shout. I’ve actually used it before but forgot it existed, cheers!