Primavera 2018


Poble Espanyol is nostolgic for me because that’s where the entire festival used to be held when I went to Primavera for the first time in 2004. On the Thursday all the acts were Spanish except for Pretty Girls Make Graves.


Gearing up for my 15th Primavera in a row \m/


Hello, I can’t go to this anymore so I have a ticket for sale if anyone is interested. A bit cheaper than the tickets now because I bought it in October


Not buying tickets but must compliment you on that excellent username.


Huh, weird, are they announcing the hidden stage one by one this year? No big surprise but Belly are playing


Looks like they are going to milk it by dripfeeding names all day.

That said, Belly a great add. Saturday looking ridiculously stacked.


a great addition, but wasted on the hidden stage playing a short set when they would draw a big crowd at either ray ban or the prima stages.


Yeah, agree.


Wasn’t Tanya Donelly in the Breeders? Wonder if she’ll join them onstage the night before…


Lee Fields!!

Primavera Sound

Just now ·

This is what the Heineken Hidden Stage line up looks like after today’s two.

More news soon!

They really are dragging it out this year :frowning:


A bit idiotic. Who will be that excited about other names which will include people like Yves Tumor.


Is it gonna sell out this year? Sales seem to be much slower than the last couple of years (though it rarely sold out before then)


I really doubt it will sell out this year


Was thinking we might get a lot less “unexpected” stuff as a result. No biggie though. Last year was overdoing it if anything


I suspect the Unexpected acts have been booked for a long time and I doubt there will be major budgetary constraints.

Would expect 2 medium size names and one bigger name.


Kinda weird if sales are slower, especially given the absence of Glastonbury. Wonder if it is because of APE?


Lack of 2 or 3 additional big names. Price. Doubt APE is a problem. It’s international after all. Mad Cool might be a bigger issue and they stole a march over Primavera. Primavera also has a larger capacity this year.

It might not technically be sold out this year as has been often the case in the past but will probably be not far off it.


A larger capacity?! I did not know that…

I think there is enough big names compared to previous years, but maybe they are a bit too diverse this year?


Yeah you might be right. I think it’s only a little larger but there is a new (beach) stage after all…