Primavera 2018


Agreed. Saturday is looking clashy. Slowdive are ringfenced. Would be gutted then if Jon Hopkins, Lift to Experience or Belly overlapped. Also keen to catch Deerhunter, Grizzly Bear and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.


Dice Gabi en Twitter que el miércoles habrá Facebook live para hablar de los horarios y que hay sorpresa para el hidden stage.

Looking like Wednesday then…and a “surprise” for the hidden stage…


That hidden stage is tiny. So if there is - big secret like Arcade Fire last year barely anyone will get in to see it.
Guess they will do it on Wednesday when fewer ticketed punters are on site.


this is what i thought. hard to get excited by the idea of a big name getting announced on there


Wasn’t it Jarvis Cocker doing a dj set last year on the Wednesday at the hidden stage?


Last year Aldous Harding played the Hiddden stage, but the Arcade Fire did that secret show on the hill. There must have been 10 people with wristbands for Aldous. They started letting in non wristband folk 2 mins before it started. I think I queued up 3 times to get on that hidden stage, one before the gates opened, queue up for the wristband and queued up again to get in the hidden stage… I won’t be doing that again.


Clashfinder LIVE tomorrow at 11:00


Does that not imply that the timetable comes out before that? A bit confused…




After would seem impossible - too provocative.
Before would make for a more informed chat.

But at the same time would spare Gabi from too much grief as the clashes might not have had time to sink in.

He’s a bit of a masochist for doing this - will nonetheless be a lot of begging to change times.


yeah seems a bit weird. just dump 'em out and make people deal with them


Yeah I think they’ll post it at the same time as the chat starts and he’ll just be chatting through it rather than taking any questions?

Still a weird thing to do, maybe there’s some wild clash he feels he needs to explain?


Gabi is amazingly open and seems to relish confrontation so on reflection not so surprising.


Yeah that’s true, it’s actually pretty refreshing for an organiser to be so open.


He’s done a really interesting interview (in Catalan - but google translate makes it just about understandable) here. Covers tons of stuff about organising the festival, booking bands, competitors, why VIP areas exist, and their position in a crowded festival market


Sounds like we have Tom York and the Creepers to blame for the VIP areas in front of stages then.


more announcements (jonsi & his mates!!!)


Oof. Giegling is a bit of a miss.

Founder said a whole bunch of horrible comments about women DJs last year and they’ve been pretty swiftly disowned by a big part of the community


This’ll be great I reckon. The whole Bacardi area was a ton of fun last year.

Also frees up Yves Tumor’s slot on the Hidden Stage everyone had taken as read


Wish people would stop booking Giegling (read: Konstantin).