Primavera 2018


I had no idea about this. What a prat.


Actually pretty disappointed that they’ve moved that sound system to a bit part stage. Was awesome at Bacardi with some of the bigger DJs last year. Actually was one of my favourite dance stages at a festival ever


They might still have both? Reads more like an addition than a change to me. I loved it last year too, but I’m a big fan of a high quality indoor club at a festival.


Yeah could both be B&W I guess




I was thinking about the Desperados club down by the beach with the B&W sound system by the way, rather than the Bacardi live stage.

Bacardi stage is presumably bigger this year if Hopkins is playing it.


Thanks for this - an interesting read. I love that there’s a character like this behind the festival. God, I can’t wait. Last year I won tickets after the most stressful time of my entire life and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Was more than happy to pay for the privilege this year.


~ Taps foot impatiently ~


I’m nervous!


They’re up!


Oooft Fever Ray Nick Cave clash


where? didn’t see it on the main site






Mogwai or shellac or mogwai. :cry:


Right, so are the times on the App CET or BST ? Think I messed this up last year.


Not that bad overall, think I’ll end up missing a lot of the live stuff at Bacardi though. Too far to get there and back in time for other things.

  • 1/2 Arctic Monkeys - Deerhunter - Beach House
  • OPN - Jon Hopkins

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  • Fever Ray
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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  • Panda Bear
  • Tyler, the Creator
  • Ty Segall
  • Arca

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