Primavera 2018




Can anyone else not see this on the app? Looked in the lineup section and nothing. Individual artists still just have the date but no time listed.


There’s a timetable section on the landing page for me.

  • Mogwai
  • The National
  • Shellac

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  • Grizzly Bear
  • Lorde
  • Jay Som

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Is there a way to access the timetable on a desktop? It’s tiny on a phone in the timetable view!


Apparently they’re working on making the crossing over the bridge to Bacardi smoother. Glad to hear because there was a moment last year where the queue was so packed I thought people were going to get crushed and/or fall in the water. It was really scary and a big oversight on their part.


The clashfinder timetable is updated and is pretty accurate now


Tentatively doesn’t look TOO bad on first viewing. No absolute nightmare clashes for me at least!


Still gonna try and make it somehow. Hadn’t even seen Kedr Laviansky (sp) was playing!


Also that food thing they’ve just announced is interesting. Guess the VIPs are way undersold


Food thing?


95 euros a head


Deerhunter and OPN are clashing??? NOOOOOO


I doubt the VIPs are undersold. But 95 euros for a meal at a festival - which also gets in the way of you watching gigs? Mental!


Now includes VIP access for that day


I guess that implies the food tickets are undersold, rather than the VIPs being undersold


Doubt I’ll have to worry about Porto clashed this year!


Deerhunter playing the Ray Ban (during Arctic Monkeys) is a dream.


This now seems up to date: btw for anyone on desktop. A lot easier and more visual (painful!) than the app