Primavera 2018


You reckon? Seems bougie as fuck to have an exclusive 100 euro a head restaurant on site to me


Really going to have to pace myself to stay up for DJ Koze at 4am on Thursday.


Was thinking the same for either DJ Koze or Marcel Dettmann


Yep, and the same for The Black Madonna on the Friday


Any mention of when the Porto times will be aboot?


So at the moment my schedule is looking something like this:


Sparks > Kelela > UMO > Bjork > Fever Ray > Vince Staples > Jlin/Four Tet > DJ Koze


John Maus > Father John Misty/Rhye > Mogwai > Thundercat/Jorja Smith/ Migos > Haim > Ty Segall > Omni/Bacardi stages


Car Seat Headrest > Ariel Pink > Lykke Li/Slowdive > Grizzly Bear > Arctic Monkeys > Deerhunter > ASAP Rocky/Beach House > Bacardi Stages

Pretty bloody great that!


It’s absolutely perfect. Cannot wait for that.


That’s a ridiculous run, that


Sounds like the Hidden stage has moved and it’s no longer ticketed. Some suggestion that it may now be located where Arcade Fire did their “Unexpected” performance last year as all the planned timings fit inbetween performances on the (nearby) Primavera stage.


Excellent scheduling on a personal level…only clash really is F/E/A vs Four Tet but if I can stay up to 3 I can catch four yet later…also a shame to miss rolling coastal due to Belly.
One question though…and the main clash for me…do you think it’s feasible to catch 25 mins of deerhunter (00.50 ray ban) and make it to Bacardi live for Jon Hopkins at 01.30…guess it will be clearer when I am there but if anyone has an inkling…thanks


It’ll depend on if there’s a queue to get across the bridge between Ray Ban and the dance bit where the Bacardi stage is. It’s probably only a 5-10 minute walk between the two stages, but last year around that time of night a lot of people were trying to head over the bridge to the dance stages and the security were forcing people to queue up before crossing.


Even more so when followed by Nils Frahm, Four Tet and DJ Kose. The Thursday has the best lineup for me.


I have a ticket to sell, if you’re interested. Cheaper than face value.

Sorry, dunno whether this is allowed I just saw it and thought I would try idk.


Thanks a lot sir


Christ, I don’t know who any of these artists are. Anyone done a Spotify playlist yet?


Is every day finishing half an hour earlier at 5:30 or is my memory just playing tricks thinking that it all stopped at 6?


does anyone know where day pro is? seem to remember someone saying it’s not cccb this year, but site says metro to placa catalunya and that fits with cccb


oops, just seen that it is at cccb. as you were


Just follow me around!


Your mind is playing tricks on you a little. Some stuff goes on until 6. But often enough the Rayban is done by 5.30. I know because there’s sometimes a frustrating thing of trying to work out what’s still going on at 5.30 when you’re not in the mood to go home yet. The best bets are the dance stages, which were banging until 6 everyday (I think)