Primavera 2018


PDF of the set times:




Gonna be a busy Thursday


Looking like this for me… Mega busy!

Thursday: Daphni, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Dustin O Hollaran’s Johann Johannson tribute, James Holden, Nick Cave, Chvrches or Nils Fraham (Bad clash for me, that!), Four Tet, Marcel Dettmann or DJ Koze.

Stranger Things, Floating Points, Essaie Pas, Mogwai (and hopefully some of Shellac), Mike D, IDLES, Chromeo, Ame II Ame

Palms Trax, Palmbomen II, Car Seat Headrest, Jonsi’s Liminal Soundbath, Ariel Pink, Slowdive, Claro Intelecto, Dread Cross, OPN, John Hopkins or Sumac, John Talabot or PBS, Donato Dozzy

Honestly, if I see half of that I’ll be made up.


Hate to moan about clashes, especially when it just shows how stacked the line up is, BUT ffs so many things I was excited about on Thursday are on at the same time - that Nick Cave vs Fever Ray/Vince Staples vs Sylvan Esso is just :frowning:

Also gotta question the timing for Nils Frahm, I like him but not sure I want to watch him do his thing at 2am?

Still gonna be a B L A S T though


I’m not sure about Nils Frahm on a big stage outside, more than the timing.

He would be better in the Auditori. Ditto Anna von Hausswolf.

The auditori will be massively missed by me this year.


agree with all of this. Maybe Nils is too big for the Auditori? Although I did see MBV in there a few years back…


Think it’s the least clashtastic Primavera ever tbh. But that might just be because there’s fewer things that I’m properly desperate to see. That Nick Cave one is the big one, whereas generally there’s a whole bunch of those


Map confirms that Hidden Stage is where Arcade Fire played last year:


Yeah, most of my friends are saying similar things so I think it is just me really!


a very well hidden and not at all prominent location there!


Why does it say Primavera Pro in the same section as the VIP just about the Hidden stage? Is that an a mixed area for VIPs and Primavera Pro people?


Did think that about Frahm’s timing too…reminded me a bit of the Stars of the (drooping eye) Lid’s 1am ish set at the Explosions ATPI…beautiful set but hard to come back from…

Part of me wondered if Frahm might beef up the sound with some percussive backbone like, say, Kiasmos did/do and many of the more horizontal electronica artists do. Knowing Frahm’s type of music and what I’ve heard of his live act it seems unlikely…but then, agreed, does make the timing strange…


Deerhunter are great and all but


Why is Jon Hopkins not on a bigger stage? Going to be an absolute crush getting to Bacardi…


That’s madness really. Can’t imagine he can even do his full show on that stage


Yeah. He could easily attract enough of a crowd for ray ban or one of the larger stages. Shame really as would be a great end to the festival


Think the Bjork set is gonna be reeeeeal Utopia heavy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bit disappointed in some of the set lengths. 1 hr 15 for The National ?


Probably only as long as his voice could hold up.