Primavera 2018


1h15min too long in my book.


After Thursdays Nils Frahm, Four Tet then Dj Koze rounding up at 5:30am, that Friday is a sunglasses day. Weather not dependant.


Luckily it’s full of bangerz


GF and I had decided we could live without Koze but ffs how good is the new one?


They’ve got to catch an early morning flight the next morning to London for their headline APE gig, so seems they are getting their set out the way early (way too early for a headliner IMO) and keeping it short.


Guys I’m getting pretty bloody excited about this now


I’m so fucking excited. Next two weeks are going to draaaaaaaag.


Bring it on! Gonna be such a great edition.


See you at the front for Deerhunter, yeah?


Front and centre! I’ll be the skinny drunk Irishman who knows all the words.


Wish she’d play a hits set to be honest. I’m sure regardless it’ll be a great show and performance but nothing wrong with playing a few bangers to get the crowd going


No problem with hearing new material obvs but the shows she did in Reykjavik which were billed as a dress rehearsal for the tour featured virtually all of Utopia. I don’t imagine it’ll be quite the same for festival shows especially but I’ll be awaiting the APE setlist with interest. If it’s light on older material it might tip me towards James Holden & The Animal Spirits.


Yeah the Reykjavik set was what I was going by. Goes without saying that she’s an icon and I’m sure the performance of the new stuff will be bursting with creativity and ideas etc but Utopia just hasn’t clicked with me. Absolutely love that James Holden and The Animal Spirits album too.


Had this exact experience when she played Bestival just after Biophilia (which had either only just come out or was just about to come out) . Started with about 8 tracks in a row from it, lost most of the crowd and didn’t ever really recover.


I’m frustrated by Bjork. Of course I’ll go but I know it’s going to be far too noodly and experimental and she will barely play any of her recognisable songs. Even the non-Utopia stuff generally won’t be hits.


Reckon it will be Utopia heavy, but also reckon it’ll be great.

Surely Bjork gets a pass on the whole ‘play the hits!’ thing?!


Further to my earlier post a while ago I’ve nearly finished checking out the stuff I was unfamiliar with…definitely still recommending F/E/A Thursday late afternoon - for fans of Explosions, Russian Circles etc…also very much digging a Spanish band called Puput - their latest album “Purga” is a nice heady mix of sheogaze/dreampop/post-punk…they are playing Sunday afternoon just before Waxahatchee…on the electronica side Toulouse Low Trax, Carl Finlow (who I will have to miss due to clashing) and Kedr Livanskiy seem all worth a punt.

Now yet another question for you fine folk…its going to be a bit of a rush getting from the airport via my accommodation to the venue via wristband/admission arranging in time for Spiritualized at the Auditori. What’s the form for entry?! I remember that glorious '09 MBV one was purchased for 3EUR via a vending machine…then 3 years back Panda Bear’s rather frightening audio assault it was just a massive queue but I think everyone made it in. I imagine demand for this will be extremely high though, right. I am expecting to be disappointed so just have to hope ??? are good…although of course they are also playing several times during the festival :wink:


porto ppl -

(end times are approx. for now, but start times are all legit)


Nothing has been said about tokens/extra tickets via the portal/magic beans being needed for entry to Spiritualized. I’d suggest that if you are really pushed for time and want to see Spiritualized then consider stashing your case at the airport or Sants station and check in to your accommodation later.


If she doesn’t play It’s Oh So Quiet, the volume of my complaints certainly won’t be.