Primavera 2018


Was at that Panda Bear auditori gig in ‘15 as well, “frightening assault” is definitely best/most accurate description I’ve heard! Loved the show overall, but it certainly demanded a reaction one way or t’other!
F/E/A & Puput sound up my street - thanks for the recommendations…


Not sure who the heck this is but it clashes with Spiritualized so whatever. Let’s Eat Grandma added on the Saturday though which is great!


Latest Hidden Stage names released:
Yung Beef - Wed
Let’s Eat Grandma - Sat


Really hope we get the other three names today. It’s taken so long this Hidden business, just bang them out now.


Let’s Eat Grandma annoyingly clashing with Car Seat Headrest


Looks like we might get them all today… Josh T Pearson’s just been added on the Friday.


I spoke too soon :frowning:


Fat Boy Slim announced for Porto in the City - Weds 6th June


Thanks for the advice - its the airport this time (I have travelled to the festival via train before and its an amazing way to get there)


You’re welcome :)…that Puput one has really grown on me after repeated listens…on first listen I filed under “ticks the right aesthetic boxes. Lovely sound but a tad too derivative” but after a few listens I think it really stands very well in its own right and its in my top 5 LPs I’ve heard this year…F/E/A also is strong stuff…


what the fuck is yung beef


At risk of sounding like an old twat, Primavera’s occasional recent attempts to 'get down with the kids" seems to be based on booking the worst kind of non-music shite.


Not really sure I get this comment. What are you referring to?


Booking Yung Beef, Migos etc.


I watched a video. He’s smoking a doob trying to look hard. I immediately thought of Simon Amstell and Donny Tourette.


Think Yung Beef is some Spanish thing. Whatever you think of Migos, they’re very much critically acclaimed by alternative music publications


Calais ‘real instruments real bands’ strikes again


It’s obviously my opinion, as with all comments on here. I think Migos are the worst headliner Primavera have had in years, others might like them.


Nah, that was Bon Iver


hey guys remember when damien rice played a few years back