Primavera 2018


keep yourself warm - was surprised by your lad’s lovely falsetto.


He could sing owt, I reckon.


Dustin o’halloran / echo collective doing Orphee was as heartbreaking as it was utterly astounding. If I see anything as good as that this weekend i’ll Be made up


Cover and new song both great. Only worry in their new material is a reach towards universality. No ‘PUTTIN THE BOOT IN, TONIGHT’


Yeah, wasn’t overly keen on that new track at first listen - sounded like it might have struggled to get on the last album.



Nick Cave stage invasion!


He just broke every rule in the fucking book. Amazing amazing show. Me and the gf wanted to leave early for Vince Staples but were just riveted right until the end. What the fuck is in that man’s blood?


Do I watch this now and risk greeting at work… or hold off till the Cure show next month hoping they play it then ball my eyes out in front of my pals?

Glad to hear they killed it, glad they’re back. One of my all time favourite bands.


I managed to get up onto the Cave walkway but some security guard ordered me down, he was shoving people back down into the pit.


you gotta party for your right to fight, duuude


Irish band day at the Day Pro stage! Would highly recommend Paddy Hanna if you’re in the mood for wistful art rock around three o’clock.


They need to turn the volume up on the two main stages.


Was watching Alex G yesterday on one of the main stages and the spanners only turned on the PA halfway through his set. Audience went nuts but it fucking hampered his set no end.




Was so fucking annoyed. Hopefully they don’t cock it up for The Breeders today.*

*I am having an excellent time, just enjoying a whinge while hungover.


Didn’t get in until 6am. Heading to watch Stranger athings performance now. Definitely gonna need a nap this afternoon!


Found the sound on Mango much better than that on Seat, although that might just be because Bjork and Chvrches were mostly electronic instrumentation. War on Drugs was much too quiet, sounded like a moderately busy pub (although they could have played at SunnO))) volume and they’d still have been dull as dishwater).


I was front row ish for nick cave and even in the louder songs I could still hear the talkers…


Heh, was mostly OK where we were (about 20m from the stage on the right).