Primavera 2018


The woman who burst into tears when he picked her out of the crowd <3


Did anyone think there were a lot more drug dealers and other shady characters last night than ever before?

Still had a great night but girlfriend got her phone nicked so that put a serious damper on things.


I was 3rd row in VIP by the gangway he was using to get to the audience. He came right into the crowd next to me and I helped steady him to avoid him hitting the floor.


You must have been very near us then! Hope you were spared the Liverpudlian woman’s recollection of her entire fucking life to the people she was with.


Haha that wasn’t a reply to me. Seems there are two people with no avatars.


Oh man that’s awful. I’d actually thought I’d noticed fewer dodgy guys; I had one bloke offer me drugs but he was incredibly friendly whilst doing so!


Yeah, someone in my group had their phone lifted. Someone tried to get mine as well, fortunately I was putting my hand into my pocket at the time and ended up batting them away.


Bats. Super bats


Had a fucking rake of people offering me drugs last night. Definitely more noticeable than previous years.


In the queue for the auditorium now. Lots of people here but no movement yet for us outside


Bit early innit?


Only degenerate behaviour we witnessed was a guy taking photos on his phone of two girls getting amorous. Called him a dirty fucking bastard. He said he was taking photos because he found it interesting. Uh huh.


Art Ensemble in the Auditori and Vince Staples suffered from sound mishaps too yesterday. Also Kedr Livanskiy in the Apolo on Tuesday.


Very odd that. Sound engineers just aren’t on their game this year.


Anyone with any experience of the hidden stage yet (is it limited capacity/views ok even from back as the stage is raised etc.)? I’m wondering how likely my plan of getting to Ride is after Shellac on Adidas stage?


Was one in one out for Yung Beef on Wednesday, but there wasn’t much else on and I’ve no idea how popular Yung Beef is relatively speaking.


Dayum Jlin sounded super awesome shame there’s no one the stage. Floating points was amazing as well

Four tet and Koze were really underwhelming but probably because of the stage

Bacardi is my favorite stage ever


Agree Four Tet and Koze were massive letdowns.
Dialled in sets and no showmanship.



Aww, hi uncle nick